Get your guesses in for 2014….how many books will I read in a year.

2013, I read 155 books.

Will I go over? Under? Who knows?

But I only had 3 people guess last year, I’d like more than that this year. Mom, Kelly, Sara…you were my three last year, don’t let me down this year.




Any of my 125 followers, even if I don’t know you, please get your guesses into the comment section. This year I’ve got a great idea for a prize for the winner.  Only two days left in January, then I’ll post the first month’s books, you have until then to get those guesses in.


12 thoughts on “Guess!

  1. I know Kelly guessed 159 last year, but I have a perfectly logical reason for guessing it this year. I will turn 59 next month, so only follows that 159 would be my number. perfect logic, right?

  2. I wonder how many books I read last year? It never occured to me to count. Do you count the ones you start, don’t like, then skim the end to see what happens. My magic number is: 172. Even though I share Kay’s magic 59 this year. Wow. Happy reading. Have you read Sarah Addison Allen’s books? Southern belle writes magical realism feel good books. Love them. Just finished her new one. Add her to your list.

    • It’s only February, you could still count this year! I only count a book that I finish. If I don’t like a book, I don’t bother skimming to the end to see what happens. Believe it or not. Thanks for the book, rec! It will help as I head toward that magic number!

  3. KC 100, LC 150, JC 120, JD 5000, AE 166, CF 151, JG 30, DG 106, CH 150, RH 160, LJ 212, ML 170, WL 262, TP 500, DR 151, JR 160, RL 200, JS 130, AT 250, WW 160, Kelly 161, Victoria 180, Christian 2,500 Mark 203, Brecken 176

    Do I get something for the MOST guesses?? That’s 20 students and my family.

  4. And, officially, my guess is 175. Last year I guessed 165, and fell 10 short. This year, I am guessing 10 higher, so that means I’m 20 short….better get reading!

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