You Are One

Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Cam-Cam!

Today, on this very day, you are a year old. A more gorgeous little boy, I’ve never met. And with your laid-back, sunny personality, you’re just a delight to be around. Even when you’re tired and crying, you’re still the best little boy I know.

One year ago, today, I wrote this post, to celebrate your birth. It’s not super long on sentiment, but chock full of photos. It was hard for me to write, because I felt so very much when you were born. You were the first baby I’ve ever seen born. I was there, in the room, watching as you slipped into this world. It was very, very, different than what I felt on the day your sister was born, or on the day that Simon was born. It gives you and I an extra special bond that I don’t have with anyone else.


Here’s what I know. Despite my best intentions, I did not do the monthly photos of you and blog them, rigorously, as I did for your sister. I tried. Evidently the old adage that things taper off for the second is true, I slacked on pictures. Not shockingly so, believe me, dude, at over 600 photos, I’ve gotten plenty of documentation of your short life so far.


 I also know that it’s more precious to spend time with you because you have an older sister. I love your sister bunches and bunches, but she demands a lot of attention (almost four will do that….you will too, when you’re almost four). While she is a delight and a joy and I can’t get enough of her (as you likewise feel) sometimes it’s nice to just be with you. To watch your face. To wonder what you are thinking of when you stare at me with that befuddled expression. To be curious as to what you feel when you touch my face or stick your fingers in my mouth.

You are a wonder and a delight, Camden, and you bring me so much joy. It’s kind of absurd, really, how happy you can make me, being so small.


 Your birthday party is this weekend and I know you’ll be overwhelmed and hugged and kissed to death. Your tiny family party is tonight and I know that you’ll be overwhelmed and hugged and kissed to death. In the sea of all these hugs and kisses, I’ll be there, loving you and wishing you happy. But, between you and me, on your birthday, I just want you to know, I simply could not love you more.


 (that’s my favorite picture of us….so far!)

Happy Birthday, Cam!

Love forever,

Auntie Livi


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