Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom!

As always, I love you very much and wish you the very best of birthdays. I’ll see you at the movie tonight and we’ll have a celebration for just us, but this is a brief recap of how we celebrated with everyone else.

After the great Pesto Disaster of 2014, we settled on Sausage and Spinach pasta bake, Crockpot White Bean Soup, and bread. I thought lunch was terrific, even Arionna ate well!

She was also a big help in opening your presents….of course.

This little guy wasn’t much of a help in anything, but he’s nice to look at, so we keep him around.
And, of course, the day wasn’t complete without a shot of you, cuddling Emmy’s kids.

Remember last year?
Things have changed….just a little!
And the rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and talking and cuddling on the couch and reading books, talk about a perfect day!
Then, a few days later, on your actual birthday, I met up with you after work to see the movie of your choice The Monuments Men.
You liked it immensely, I thought it was just okay. The two women in the theater thought it was the funniest movie they’ve ever seen, judging from the way they cackled throughout.
Most importantly, we got to be together…and eat junk food.
I hope you had a wonderful day (sorry to be a day late with the post….having internet at home is somehow making my life harder!).
I love you bunches and bunches, as you well know. Even if you are 57…wait, 59….wait…I’m so confused!

One thought on “Birthday Mom

  1. Thank you LIVI ! This is a nice post . Great pictures too! I had a really nice time at the movie and yes I did enjoy it! All in all I had a wonderful birthday and only because you made it so! Lunch on Saturday was awesome. It was a wonderfully relaxing day😊 and going to the movie ( especially with the treats you got me) was great! But then any time I get to spend with you is always great! Thank you again for everything. And it is pretty cool that I get to have the past two years of my life back😜. Love you bunches and bunches too❤️

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