February Books

So far, so good, people!

I’ve been reading a fair amount, which is a little nuts because I’ve been busier than ever before these first few months of the year. February I fell back into some old loves, which put me in a good mood for reading. A good book will do that for you.

February: (12 books)

1. Once and Always – Judith McNaught*

2. Something Wonderful – Judith McNaught*

3. Almost Heaven – Judith McNaught*

4. Lord of Scoundrels – Loretta Chase^

5. A Knight in Shining Armor – Jude Deveraux*

6. A Kingdom of Dreams – Judith McNaught*

7. The Duchess – Jude Deveraux*

8. Sweet Liar – Jude Deveraux*

9. Bet Me – Jennifer Crusie^

10. Endless Knight – Kresley Cole*^

11. Last Hit (Hitman) – Jessica Clare and Jen Fredericks^

12. Knight – Kristen Ashley^

What a weird, weird month. By the end of  January I had finished a new series and was out of things to read. I was bereft and so I turned to an old favorite. Still lacking any suitable new books, I kept going, which marked my first three books of the month. Then I found this list-several lists actually- of best romance books. As I compared them, a book that kept popping up, near the top of almost every list, was #4, Lord of Scoundrels. I had never read it, or anything by that author. I decided I simply had to know. So I downloaded it, my local library didn’t carry it in print (it’s fairly old, in romance book terms), and read it. It was terrible. I was so disappointed. In order to make myself feel better, I turned to my old friends again. That accounts for the next three books on my list.

Another book from those romance lists, was #9, Bet Me. I had read that author before and never really liked her. But this book kept popping up over and over. So, one night, as I browsed my shelves at home, I thought, “why not?” and I visited the library web page then and there. Turns out they had a digital copy checked in, so I downloaded it. I read that book and, I liked it. It wasn’t earth shattering, but it was enjoyable. Not a greatest of all time sort of book, but perfectly respectable.

Then I finally gave in to a craving and re-read Endless Knight. For those of you playing the home game, that was last years Best Book of the Year. Yep, I read it in October when it came out and by February I had to read it again. It’s just that good, to me. (Of course, Sara, if you plan to read it, and I think I told you before that you should, read the first one Poison Princess, before you read this).

It was equally as good the second time. I may even read it again before the next one comes out in October.

Anyway, then I was out of books again. The problem with reading excellent books is that they make finding things harder…because nothing sounds as good as the book you just finished.

Then, while doing research on upcoming books, to make sure I didn’t miss any sequels I’m waiting on this year, I stumbled across blurbs for 11 and 12. I digitally downloaded them because there were no print copes at the library. Last Hit was….bad. BAD. It was just a bad book. I described to Elena as “you know when you drive by a horrible accident and you know you shouldn’t look because it is horrible, but you simply can’t help yourself?” That is this book. It was so bad I couldn’t stop reading. I knew I should, but I wanted to see how bad it could actually get. And this would be a contender for worst book of the year, if not for….#12

I wanted to redeem my month and finish up strong. So I found this book, called Knight. And it was not only the likely winner for worst book of the year, it is a strong contender for Worst Book I’ve Ever Read in My Entire LIFE. I actually will confess that I did not read this whole book, I read enough to know that I’d like to scratch out my eyeballs so they’d never witnessed a book that bad. And I figured that was enough to get it a place on the list, even though I technically did not read the whole thing.

Then, I actually started a 13th book…and it was one I had been waiting for and by an author I’ve enjoyed in the past…but it was bad, too! And, frankly, I couldn’t stand another disappointment, so I stopped reading it. I will probably finish that one, strong possibility for redemption there, we shall see.

Two months in and what I know is that I’ve read a lot of really bad books this year (see my January post) which is forcing me to reread because, frankly, at least those I know I like. And when I read enough bad books, I’ll take a reading hiatus, and I don’t want to do that, because we’ve got some mad guesses on the blog this year.

Which brings us to 27 books on the year; on pace to reach 162!


2 thoughts on “February Books

  1. I still think you need to read (or listen to) Far, far away by McNeal. Pretty dang good. And I’m loving the Curse Workers series by Holly Black too. And then there’s…

    • Wow, way to leave me hanging! Far far away is on my TBR list, because of your rec. I’ll add the Curse Workers, too. I am desperately in need of some new books. Thank goodness I have so many beloved favorites, I never REALLY run out of things to read!

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