Four and One

I have birthday posts coming up for them, but until then, here’s photos of Arionna turning four and Camden, turning one.




(I included that even though I don’t love the black and white here, the reason to use the conservatory is for the great light and amazing colors, which you lose in BW).


This is a beautiful photo, even though she looks stiff as a board. This other one is better…my favorite of her.


Yep, love that.

Little guy? Far less cooperative. He would not sit for a picture without Arionna, so there are none of him alone. All the solo shots she had to get by zooming or getting closer to cut out big sis, and he didn’t love that either.


Even though he is not smiling, I do love that pic, I used it in his frame.

This was one of my favorites of the two of them together.


But not my all time favorite, that honor went to this little gem.


Kierstie was trying to get him standing and her sitting, but right in the middle, he just bent over and put his head on her shoulder, snuggling in. It melts me. Such a perfect capture of their ages. He could care less and she’s still trying to sit and smile like she was supposed to. Four and one.


2 thoughts on “Four and One

    • Well, one of these days, when it’s sunny, you should bring your kids and the good camera, take some yourself, just for you, no special occasion. I’ll come with and help if you want!

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