Thirty Five – Part II

During the week of my birthday, I had several lovely surprises. A community partner at work came in and brought me these beautiful flowers. I actually just threw them out on Sunday. They lasted over two weeks! I had to refill the vase of water twice…these were some amazingly fresh flowers.

I like the second photo because you can see the new clock Elena bought me for Christmas. The most perfect clock in the entire world…so incredibly glad I waited for the right item.

A coworker brought me a birthday gift of a water feature. It’s a little fountain that sits on my desk. It is beautiful and tranquil, the only flaw? It’s a huge battery suck. It eats through an entire set of batteries in about 40 hours. Yep, needs new batteries every WEEK. So now it sits on my desk without being on and I still enjoy it.

Then I stopped by my sister’s house to drop off a balloon for the kids. I got a cute photo of me and them in their jammies as an early birthday gift. And Arionna asked me what I was wearing to her birthday party, which was two weeks after mine. I asked what she wanted me to wear. “A red dress.” More on that later.

Then Kelly had requested to take me out to birthday lunch on Thursday. She was on spring break and was putting the kids in daycare to have a free day for mom. I decided to take a half day at work and join her for the afternoon. We met for lunch, then went and did some shopping. I got new shoes at DSW. These ones here. In the orange. We also hit Lane Bryant so I could get a new shirt for my birthday. Kelly got one, too. Actually, the exact same shirt, but in different colors. It was an amazing afternoon.

This second photo is me driving home after my shopping afternoon. I text this photo to my cousin in Alabama. Sara and company think 60 degrees is cold. I captioned the photo “it is 48 degrees. Driving with sunroof open and windows down, wearing a t shirt. Thought you’d get a kick out of it.” She did. (And Sara, notice how I’m not chastising you for NOT sending me my very favorite birthday video this year….)

As a matter of fact, considering how low key this week was, it was the perfect way to celebrate a big birthday.

And that covers the miscellany. And yes, this is two full posts before we’ve even reached my actual birthday.

4 thoughts on “Thirty Five – Part II

  1. Yes, yes I know. I will own up to it and admit I forgot 😦 I am so lazy with birthdays now and I totally blame Facebook because that is usually my reminder. So it is partly your fault as well since you are not on there. JK….I am truly sorry because I know you do actually love those. I didn’t completely forget but when I would remember I would be at work. So my back up plan is a suprise video when you least expect it 🙂 I glad you had a great birthday!!

    • Ok, I’ll totally let it slide if I get a surprise video at some point.

      I’m totally kidding, I mean, I do love those videos, but I’m not mad, I know you’re busy and all.

      and I’m happy to hear from you and the family at any point, you know that!

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