Moment Over

Each year at work, they do a March Madness pool. I always participate, just for fun. This year was no exception. Unfortunately, I did not do well. I had a super strong first round, and by the second round, I only had one team left in the final four and I didn’t even have them winning. Things were not looking good.

This morning, the person who organized it came in and said “I’m tallying the results today, you have a real shot!” I was astonished. How bad must everyone else have to have done in order for me to actually win this thing? The real humor in the moment was when I said “it’s over?” Yep, I follow so closely….

Then, I saw him at a meeting, he said, “sorry, you didn’t win. You came in third. Well, I guess technically fourth as there was a tie for second.”

I was still thrilled. How exciting to come in fourth! I know next to nothing about basketball, so I was strangely proud of myself. Then a few minutes past, he sent an email with the “Final Results”.

I opened it, so excited and proud to see my name listed at the top, near the winners.

And I read the list….1st place….2nd place….2nd place (tie)….4th place, Olivia.


I had no idea that hardly anyone played this year….turns out, ONLY FOUR PEOPLE PLAYED. Here I am walking around feeling all proud of coming in fourth OUT OF FOUR.

Moment Over.


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