A Minor Change

Back in 2010, when I was house hunting, I was far more interested in how I would decorate a house than in the house itself. I spent HOURS looking at prints for the walls that I didn’t yet have. Full disclosure? I still do that. There is still some open wall space.

Once I bought my house, it all became very, very real. Suddenly I knew what the walls looked like and needed to fill them with…something. My major concern was the giant purple wall off the staircase. I had bought a few prints and there was one that hit me as being right. It only needed friends. That’s how I ended up with this as my wall art.


Here’s a shot looking directly at it. This is a hard space to photograph as it turns out.


The individual photos are harder to see, but they are portraits of famous people, done in a pop art style, including quotes. I like the rainbow-esque coloring. From the left: Marilyn Monroe, Steve McQueen, Charlie Chaplin (the one that started it all), John Lennon, and Elvis Presley.

My niece Arionna is fascinated by these pictures. Since she could first talk she asks about them and what their names are and stares at them when she’s over. It charms me.

However, I have never liked the Elvis picture…the dark purple. I needed one in purple, and it was all I could find, save for a Bob Marley and I liked that LESS than I liked Elvis. My biggest problem is that the photo is oddly sized, in comparison to the others. The purple is so dark it is hard to differentiate the actual picture and there isn’t a quote. Just a generic saying, instead of a quote by Elvis. I’ve hated it since I bought it but it was the best I could do.

Then, just after Christmas, I got an email from Art.com, where I bought these prints, offering me a coupon of some sort. Out of curiosity, I poked around the site just looking at random things, nothing in particular. Not finding anything appealing, I was mere seconds from clicking off the site when my gaze fell upon the above photos. Suddenly, my mind said, “find a replacement for Elvis!” And so I poked around some more until I found….something new. Something different that had not been on the site before. It was, essentially, exactly what I wanted over three years ago. Without giving it too much thought, I clicked it, bought it and called it a day.

It arrived, I immediately put it in the frame and now, the wall looks like this:


And here is the head on shot:


Do you see the massive difference? You can tell what that fifth picture is. I like this color so much better. It’s got a nice quote by Audrey Hepburn, and it makes it more symmetrical! I hadn’t realized until I hung Audrey up that it always slightly bugged me that it was one woman and four men. But now, the words of the men are bookended by the wisdom of Marilyn and Audrey. As it should be.

It’s such a slight change, but to me, it is huge. 3.5 years I’ve disliked it and now it is finally fixed. I smile every time my eyes alight upon the new picture. It’s always those little things…


2 thoughts on “A Minor Change

  1. That is so cool! Love the change. The old one was so hard to see I never did know if even was Elvis. LOVE IT! I love that you take time to do things like that in your house. I wish I could/would do that at my house. Good find Livi

    • That’s some serious excitement. You know if you’d come over once in a while, you’d see some of these changes in person! You’ve still never seen the new entry way….

      And it’s my house, it’s important that it feel right to me. That’s why I do that. But, I agree, it was a good find.

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