Nice Try, But….

If you are in my email address book, you probably are well aware that my email was hacked. Twice. Yahoo Mail. I’ve been using YMail since 1997, when I got my first email account. I’m a sentimentalist, I like what I like. Plus, I don’t like GMail. I have an account with them, but I don’t care for it. I love Google in all its glory, but they don’t always get everything right.

That was for those of you who wonder why I don’t change.

So, my friends at Yahoo have been making changes in response to several recent security risks. Basically, people have been getting hacked so they are trying to fix it.

I applaud the sentiment, I really do, but maybe, just maybe, we should stop and think for a moment before enacting new policies that affect millions of people.

If you’ve ever gotten a hacked email, they are almost always a link and nothing else. (And no, Aunt Nancy, I did not send you a link to a diet, with no words, to order you to lose weight…..)

So the response now is that an account holder cannot send a link in an email without text.

Um, what?

Are you kidding me? This is a TERRIBLE solution. Do you have any idea how many links I send via email? Think back, I bet I sent one to you, if I regularly email you. I save every single recipe I find online to my email, BY THE LINK. I probably email Elena links to things 5-6 times a DAY. Not to mention the stuff I email to myself. Things I’d like to read when I have more time, or remember or save for future reference or because I want to send it to someone else….you name it. I have an entire file of links for various purposes.

Now, when I try, it tells me it won’t send just the link and I have to add text to the message. It literally will not even send. How annoying?

So now I have to put some text in there. I did figure out I can just type one letter and it will send, but still, this is unbelievably counterproductive.

Yahoo Mail….I applaud the attempt, but, this solution sucks.

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