Chinese Swords

This will be short and sweet. I was just about to order lunch. I have to run out to a meeting but I want lunch when I get back. I’ve decided to give Jimmy John’s another chance (haven’t ordered from them since). I went to my browser and typed JI and then accidentally hit enter, instead of down arrow/enter, to select Jimmy John’s.

This, naturally, brought up a bunch of search results I was not expecting. Beginning with a result for Ji (Halberd) from Wikipedia.

I gaped at that entry and thought, Halberd is a word?

You see, Halberd is the middle name of my cousin Joey. Halberd was a blend of his two grandfathers Hal and Berdell. I always thought that was so cool and a fun way to honor for a middle name. But of course I always thought it was made up. Until today.

Now I suddenly know that a halberd is a type of weapon, a pole looking thing with an ax on it. And the Ji is the Chinese version of that weapon.

Jimmy John’s, China, and my cousin Joey, who knew they had something in common?

(That is our brief TYNKYNK, I believe the first of 2014).


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