Teacher Appreciation

This week is National Teacher Appreciation week. If you know a teacher or have a teacher, let them know how much you appreciate all the hard work they do. (And since I work at a college, I’m considered a teacher for the purposes of this week.)

For the first time this year, my place of employment put out a box full of blank notecards and envelopes and let students know they were welcome to write a brief note of appreciation for any teachers on campus.

Today, I got one. I won’t tell you who it is from, but here is the text of my note.

“With your awesome persona, you can make just about anyone laugh or smile. Your knowledge in knowing and retaining so much info amazes me. Stay Awesome.”

I’m pretty sure it couldn’t be any better.

I feel very appreciated and love the tailored comments.

Thank you, student. And thank you, teachers in my life who have made a difference (read about them here and here and here and here and here). And Kelly, who constantly strives to make herself a better teacher, when she’s already so damn good at it. You never taught me in the literal sense, but you’ve been teaching me for 25 years about life and friendship and NKOTB and all things pop culture.

Know that as I am appreciated, I appreciate you.

6 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation

  1. 1. I just read Eleana’s reply. That is cute! You teach me tons of sh*& too. When I’m listening anyway.
    2. That was a super nice blog. I think you are a great asseset to Globe. I have seen you in action. You are amazing with those brilliant students of yours!
    3. That was super duper nice of you to mention me. I LOVE my job (most of the time). I am very lucky I get to call this work.
    4. I find it shocking that more people don’t write a little note for teacher appreciation. Wtihout teachers we’d all be one big mess!
    5. Hats off to Mrs. Devine – my first grade teacher. The lady who taught me staying after school to correct papers is really fun! I’ll leave it at 5 just for her!

  2. Dear Mrs. Devine,

    Thank you for teaching Kelly that a proper list of numbered items ends in a 5 or a 0. It’s taken her 35 years, but I believe she just might be getting it. That is why we need teachers.


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