The Perfect Sunday

Really, truly, yesterday was the perfect Sunday. I did just enough to feel productive but still little enough to feel like I didn’t do anything at all, striking that perfect balance.

Friday I was hectic, crazy busy all day long (like 7am to midnight all day long) and then Saturday was our family’s Mother’s day. It was a lovely day celebrating my favorite person in all the world, so really, this should be about my terrific weekend, but it all culminated in a wonderful Sunday.

While I was gone on Sunday, my awesome dad went over to my house and proceeded to finish another project I began. A few months back, I had the idea to buy a hammock swing. When it is nice outside, I read. Outdoors. All summer. Reading outside is one of my favorite things in the world and there is such a small window of time when it is actually possible. I have patio furniture, but it’s not super comfortable. For three summers, I’ve sat in hard, uncomfortable chairs for hours at a time, reading books. For some reason, it never occurred to me to fix this, before this year. I started hunting, and wasn’t finding what I wanted. Of course, I didn’t really know what I wanted, so maybe that is why.

Then, randomly, I saw something about a hammock swing, I don’t even remember where anymore. But that seemed like a great idea, to me. I was then on the hunt for the perfect swing. It had to be a good size, able to support my weight, and affordable. A taller order than you might guess. Then I finally found this swing at Overstock. I’ve had it in my garage for some time. I’ve been asking my dad to come and set it up. About a month ago, he came over for a different purpose and took a look at it, to get an idea of what he needed to do. I’ve not said anything or bothered him about it, but I was getting nervous. It is getting nicer outside and I wanted it up so I could use it as much as possible.

Well, Friday was the day. He didn’t even tell me, he just went over and did it. When I got home Friday, there was some work happening in the back yard, so I couldn’t really try it out, and I had shit to do anyway. I eventually got to relax in the new chair at about 9pm.

photo 4
Trying out the new chair, yes, it’s dark outside.

photo 5
The view I was enjoying FROM the new chair. It was so beautiful, at least for the five minutes I got to sit there while my food was cooking.

And then Saturday, as mentioned, I was gone all day, celebrating the awesomeness that is my mom.

Which brings me to my perfect Sunday. I popped out of bed and the sun was shining. I ran downstairs and went outside and sat in my swing. Just because I could. I just sat there for a bit, soaking in the warmish air and sunshine, swinging away.

Then it was inside to throw a meal in the crockpot. I made something to eat for brunch and then watched a movie. Then I cleaned up the kitchen, threw some laundry in and went outside with a new book. Picked up five of them at the library on Saturday morning, so I was excited to dig in. I read the first one outside in my swing. I then changed the laundry over and checked on my food and started another book. After finishing that one, I went back in and ate dinner, picked up my house, washed the crock pot and a few pans from Fridays cooking spree and went back outside around 7:30 to start book #3. I couldn’t read for long, because the light was starting to fade. Maybe an hour? And it was cooling off considerably, but essentially I spent almost the entire day in my new swing, reading in the sunshine. It was EXACTLY what I envisioned when I bought it and I am so happy it lived up to my expectations.

photo 1
That’s book #1. You can only partially see the swing, but you can clearly see my happiness and joy radiating out.

I love that it has a cup holder for my water. It also has a footstool, but that works better for lying back and napping than for reading.

Overall, I 150% love my new hammock swing and honestly wish I would have thought of it years ago. My neighbors both came out during the day yesterday and commented on my new furniture. Both thought it was a great idea, and it is. So, many, many thanks to my dad and Alice for getting it up in time for the nice weather!

If you know me, come check it out, I promise, you will want one, too!

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Sunday

  1. Yep, I am so jealous! What a perfect balance. I hope we like the pop up hammock as much as you enjoy your swing!

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