May Books

Heidi-ho, blog readers! It’s that time again, when we look back on the previous month and I get to talk nothing but books. Well, May is typically one of my busiest months (birthday season is in full swing) and this year was no exception, but, with the advent of the warmer weather and the addition of my swing, I fully expected my tally to go UP in May. Surprisingly, it did not.

So, for those of you afraid I was going to outpace your guess, don’t worry, I slowed down.

In the first half of the month, I just didn’t want to read. I had nothing new or interesting, none of my old books appealed to me…so I didn’t read. Instead, I began to get back into my television shows and get caught up on finales and everything. Finally, nearing two weeks into the month, I stopped and read a book. First book on May 13. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of time left in the month, but I still think I managed a respectable amount.

May: (14 books)

1. Sweet Reckoning – Wendy Higgins

2. The Selection Stores: The Prince and the Guard – Kiera Cass

3. Lick – Kylie Scott^

4. Play – Kylie Scott^

5. Foreplay – Sophie Jordan*^

6. Tease – Sophie Jordan^

7. The One – Kiera Cass (the book I am reading in my new swing)

8. It Happened One Wedding – Julie James

9. Frozen – Erin Bowman

10. Sweet Talk Me – Kieran Kramer

11. Losing It – Cora Carmack^

12. Faking It – Cora Carmack

13. Finding It – Cora Carmack^

14. Waiting on You – Kristan Higgins

Before I continue, I want to note this so I don’t forget because it is exactly the kind of thing that would bug me in the future. The Cora Carmack series? Yes, I read two digitally and the middle one in print. Why? Well, Lane and I went to the bookstore and I told her to help me find a book. She found Faking It. Neither of us realized that it was the second in a series. I figured it out as soon as I started it, so I stopped, hopped onto the library site and found the first, read that electronically, then read the one I own, then needed the third to finish it out. So there. (That would only have bugged me, I realize, and none of you even noticed, I’m sure, but still).

Sweet Reckoning was the conclusion to one of my favorite teen trilogies. Loved them all so much, and this was a great way to wrap it all up. The One was another conclusion. I like this one, too (The Selection series) but it wasn’t as good as the Sweet trilogy. Frozen was the second in a series. I liked the first a great deal. The second was also good but had WAY less action than the first, but more plot, so it was interesting.

All the rest I read? Romance novels. All of them. Like the Carmack series (technically New Adult) a great deal. Didn’t really care for the Julie James. She is an author that I have it in my mind that I like her, so when a new book comes out, I snatch it up immediately, but every time I read her books I am disappointed. I don’t think I actually like her as much as I think I do. It’s too bad. I was also disappointed in the Kieran Kramer. She wrote an historical that I really liked (When Harry Met Molly, for the curious), and so I wanted to read this, her first contemporary. Didn’t really care for it.

I did like Lick and Play, which are part of a new series, the Stage Dive series. I got a free ebook of Lick and then bought Play, they haven’t published them in print, as far as I’ve ever seen, but I enjoyed them. Easy, fun, lighthearted, pretty much what I’m looking for when I reach for a romance novel.

And that, friends, is that. My total on the year is now at 77, which puts me on pace for an annual total of 185. Less than halfway through the year (only 5 months) and I am halfway to last year’s total, interestingly.

I kept telling people that I read so much more when it is nice outside, which is true, last half of May….so far in June, I’m 3.5 for 3.5 (if I can finish this book tonight, it’ll be 4/4 in June. Which won’t last, I’ve got a movie date tomorrow night!)

So, if you wonder what I’m up to….assume I’m in my swing, reading.

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