Buddy Coke

On the 4th of July, I decided to have a coke. I grabbed one from my mom’s fridge and it said “Share a Coke with a BUDDY” I was so excited because I always call Arionna my buddy. Whenever we do something together, haircut buddies, dinner buddies, library buddies, you name it and we’re buddies.

So I showed her the coke and said “it says to share it with my buddy” and she jumped and said “that’s ME!” So we shared a coke. Hours later, she said “Auntie Livi, can we be pop buddies again?” So I pulled another one out and it said, “Share a Coke with your BFF” and I looked and they were all different. Friend, Pal, etc. I had just randomly grabbed buddy. So I searched until I found another buddy for her and I to share.

I love that new campaign, it’s adorable. But I thought that was it. Friendship Coke. Until this morning. A woman I work with came in to say goodbye to me and she said, “I brought you a small present”. She did not have to get me anything, but…..


HOLY guacamole! Apparently bottled Coke has names on it. All sorts of different names. She bought a ton of them for her friends and family, but she saw that one and brought it for me. Honestly, I don’t even want to drink it. I just want to keep it, it’s so cute. Really made my whole morning. Can’t imagine a better gift. Thanks, Jenell!

Coke, I LOVE this new marketing campaign. Genius.

4 thoughts on “Buddy Coke

    • My cousin’s husband works for Coke, he says that they did the top 250 names. So you should be able to find the big kids…and she says you can order them from their website, too….maybe you can get a complete set!

  1. They did the top 250 names….if a name isn’t on it there is a website one can go to and make one 🙂 Mike sent a pic the other day with your name, I thought he sent it to you :/ oh well!! I knew you’d love it!!

    • He did not send it to me, I would have LOVED a spontaneous text from Mike. That’s such a cool marketing strategy. I still haven’t had it, think I will drink it tonight….celebrate the first day on the new job.

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