And So It Begins

I am rapidly nearing the end of my first day of work. The “new job” (yes, it still feels like it needs quotes). First days are so odd. Paperwork, orientation, meeting a bunch of people, but here, at this small nonprofit, they just sort of let me go. Fill my time. I’ve done a lot of reading today. Work reading. To be clear. Link after link. Document after document. It’s fine. All necessary to my future success and I am sure I even retained some of it.

I spent a large part of my day, actually, I am still working on this, adjusting to my new Mac laptop. I’m good with the iPad (also provided) but the MacBook is a new beast to me. No desktop computer for me, just a laptop. It’s kind of nice. I could, then, work from home if needed because I have my computer with me.

It all went well, very well. I was nervous for nothing, which is usually the case, but still, completely normal.

Want to know the oddest thing, though?

I am thirty-five years old. I have had my fair share of jobs. And in all my life, with every new job, new first day of school, new….well, pretty much anything, my mother always wished me good luck.

When I was a kid, it was a note left for me on the first day of school. Sometimes notes even as I grew and it was jobs, but usually just a verbal, “good luck, honey, you’re going to be great” or some other motherly variation. But, this job, this time….crickets. No, not Buddy Holly’s band, just nothing.

I actually waited all day yesterday for that note, email, phone call, so sure it would come. And it did not. Then I thought that she would call me this morning, or I’d get here and find and email, but none of the above. I’m not upset, obviously, just surprised. The only difference between this time and all the other times is that this is the first time I’ve started anything and not lived with her, I suppose. Which makes a difference. Proximity and all that jazz.

Still, I expected and it did not happen. It’s surprising to me how much I was counting on that. Mom, don’t worry, I’m not mad or anything (and I know you are my most faithful reader, so I know you’re reading this) just surprised…and maybe a little disappointed. I may be an adult with my second real job and a house and everything, but turns out, I still need my mommy. I will probably never grow out of that.

I actually thought to myself, as I arrived at work (23 minutes EARLY – no lie), that I might have been less nervous if I had gotten support from my mom. Then I laughed at myself, out loud, in my car, because I KNOW I have her support, so clearly it did not make me less nervous.

Which is all by way of saying, I am a lot less nervous now. I know what to expect from the day to day, I think. It’s just when I start teaching that I’ll get all nervous again.

But on the plus side. I do have my very own office. My first ever. That’s kind of cool. It has windows. It’s pretty spacious. I brought a box of stuff with  (Hi, Kel, you just called me to ask about my first day while I was typing this!) it surprised me when I left Globe that I had two whole boxes of stuff to move out. That does not include books. I pared that down and moved one smaller box into the new office. It really helps, seeing my stuff in this space, it immediately makes it feel more like mine.

So, there you have it. Just another day at the “new” office. And hopefully, by the time dinner rolls around on Wednesday, I’ll have some more fun stuff to report.

4 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel terrible!!!!! I actually thought about this about 11 am and thought well that’s silly she’s already at her “new job”. I should have sent the email.!!! I thought about calling you last night, but again it was too late by the time I thought of it. And I thought today, I always wish Livi good luck, she’s going to be upset! I can not tell you how awful I feel right now!!!
    It sounds like your first day went well though.

    So, I am going to pretend you start tomorrow and say ” Good Luck on the new job Livi! You’ll be great and I am so happy for you”

    • Thanks Mom, today is a great day BECAUSE you wished me good luck. Don’t feel awful or be upset. I love you bunches and bunches, no matter what.

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