The Switch

And I feel ridiculous posting this. No, not about posting, but that I am stupidly telling people.

I finally did it. I changed my cell phone plan. Not forced or anything, but after all these years, AT&T finally got their shit together and started offering affordable plans. They finally offered me a plan that made more sense than what I have been using for all these years.

It cost me 1GB of data each month, but I never use it all anyway, because I finally have internet at home. Here’s the kicker.

Are you ready?

I now have unlimited texts.

Yes, Kelly, Elena, Niki, Emmy, Mom, and Mindy, I finally got unlimited texting.

Now, don’t expect that this will suddenly turn me into a texter, because it won’t. It won’t even probably get me to respond to texts more frequently, but what it will do is erase the regular “stop texting I am out of texts until the first of the month” emails I’d periodically send out. And, of course it will erase what minimal guilt each of you has felt at texting me.

But, remember, I don’t like texts. I don’t want to have that kind of relationship with the people in my life. I’d rather talk to you. But use them if you will, if you must, if you want to send me a photo or 100 (Kelly). Go ahead and live text during that tv show (Lane). Go ahead and use it as your primary source of communication (Niki). Just realize that *I* did not change. Only my cell phone plan did.


Hang on, I want to repeat that because I think some of you glossed right over it.


I still do not like texting.

(Please, read that link if this information surprises you)


Okay, let’s move on. Why did I make the switch?

It wasn’t to get more texts each month, that’s for damn sure. No, the plan is only 1 GB less data than I currently have, and adds unlimited talk and text. Since texts were a problem for others and since I never go over on my data, it seemed better tailored to my life. And, it is almost $35 CHEAPER each month. Worth it right there.

Of course, if I switch phones in the future (which I plan to do, get a newer iPhone), I’ll no longer be eligible and the cost of this will go up. Bastards. But since it will only go up $15 a month (so they say) it will still end up being cheaper than I was paying before making the switch today.

It’s done. Effective immediately. No going back since my plan was so old I was grandfathered in. And possibly the last person left on planet earth who still had such an antiquated plan. But, whatever, I’m moving forward. It’s a week of change for me, so why not? I just pulled the trigger.

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