August Books

Was no one going to mention to me that we are more than halfway through September and there is no August book report?

I’ve had a bit of life happening lately, and I honestly never even thought about it until today, when I read an article that resonated into my soul. (More on that later) Suddenly I realized that, hey, I owe you guys a post…and an explanation, which I am working on.

Let’s start with the post. First, I will say that August was a busy month, for a variety of reasons. After my marathon reading months of June/July, I was all fired up in August, but my family had a vacation planned for the end of the month. I hadn’t been on a real vacation in years. And I was so excited to go to the lake and curl up and read some good books, so I was “holding” exciting titles just for that reason. Well, that didn’t work out. And my month ended in spectacular fashion, with an unspectacular result. If you thought I would blow you away in August, don’t worry.

August (14 books)

1. Shadow Dance – Julie Garwood*

2. Hamlet – William Shakespeare*

3. Too Good To Be True – Kristan Higgins^

4. Exclusively Yours – Shannon Stacey^

5. Undeniably Yours – Shannon Stacey^

6. Yours To Keep – Shannon Stacey^

7. All He Ever Needed – Shannon Stacey^

8. All He Ever Desired – Shannon Stacey^

9. All He Ever Dreamed – Shannon Stacey^

10. Love A Little Sideways – Shannon Stacey^

11. Rescued By A Stranger – Lizbeth Selvig^

12. Fast Track – Julie Garwood

13. Fanning the Flames – Victoria Dahl^

14. Dark Skye – Kresley Cole

Well, I can tell you this, I had read the first 13 books by mid-August, and was planning on reading some long-awaited titles on that vacation that wasn’t. Dark Skye was all I managed, and, truthfully, I didn’t read but maybe 20 pages on vacation.

I was into fluff, just to get me through, and thank you, Shannon Stacey, for your Kowalski family, who gave me what I needed. Truly, I did not like the first book in this series, it was by far the weakest, but what brought me back was the strong family scenes, so I tried the next one, and loved it. Possibly the best of the series. The rest were decent enough for contemporary fiction. Easy reading.

I re-read a Julie Garwood because she had a new book coming out and she is one of my all-time favorites (or she was, can’t say that I’ve liked a book by her in years. Her contemporaries are really not good….but I keep hoping.) This newest one was one of the worst. It was such an absolute letdown.

Then Victoria Dahl released a novella to kick of her new spinoff series, which annoyed the hell out of me. I had to track down this 60 page story, only to find out that the characters in the new series are people we know from the old series. And the novella was terrible.

Finally, though, came Dark Skye. This is one of Cole’s Immortals After Dark books, which I adore. Own every single one and love them, love the world she created, eagerly await them. This book paired two favorites from earlier stories and I’d been awaiting it for some time. (Not as much as Lothaire, who is my favorite character, and his story did not disappoint). So I was thrilled for this story….until I read it. Easily my LEAST favorite book in the series. It was just not good. The heroine was unlikeable and the hero was far from heroic.

Once I finished it, with life kicking me around, I just sat back and didn’t read for a bit. And I ended August on a very sour note, which is about on par with life in August.

Total on the year? 155. That was last year’s total, and I said in July I would have “no problem” surpassing it in August, and turns out, I barely squeaked by. I am now on pace to read 233 books this year. I think that will end up being high, but we shall see. Turns out predictions mean nothing, it’s life you got to watch out for.

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