Out of Control

Anyone else feel like technology is getting out of control?

I mean, really, who actually NEEDS this much technology?


Yep, I have three iPads. That is my desk, just a few minutes ago, at precisely 2:43 pm. The one on the right, bearing the handsome face of Christian Kane, that is my personal iPad, the iPad 4. The one on the left, with the beach photo is my old work iPad, the iPad 2. The one in the center, with the mountain and stars, is my new work iPad, the iPad Air 2. Our old work iPads were out of date and not as current as the students I am teaching, so we got the newest tech.

The new one arrived today and that is how I found myself with not one, not two, but three iPads on my desk at the same time. All mine. Oh, and I took the photo with my iPhone.

Yeppers, this tech is out of control!

9 thoughts on “Out of Control

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I use a desktop mac at home for music and iMovies, I have an ipod, both kids have ipod shuffles, I mainly use a MacBook Pro but at work I use a PC, Mark has two laptops at home and two kids each have an iPad. Oh wait, I also have a work iPad. And I’m supposed to remember passwords for all of this stuff. CRAZY. The funny thing is…my real love is stationary. You know, like the ol’ pen and paper kinda thing. Kinda miss it.

    • Well, two of mine are for work, but I do have a laptop (PC) at home, and a MacBook Pro at work, that I bring home regularly. And I have an iPod touch. So, yeah, sometimes it gets a bit crazy.

    • Well, friend, I’d give you one if I could. But two aren’t mine. And I can’t afford to buy you one. But, if I win the lottery, it’s the first thing I’ll buy you.

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