November Books

Well, November was interesting. I worked a ton in November, and fell into a book slump, again. When I had a spare hour, I just wanted to zone out and watch television, not read. It happens. By the time my four day Thanksgiving weekend rolled around, I had read two books. Seriously. Two books. So, it is basically a miracle that I read as many as I did. In four days, I read like a maniac, managing a very respectable….

November: (10 books)

1. Strong Enough to Love – Victoria Dahl^

2. Crazy for Love – Victoria Dahl^

3. Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover

4. Lead – Kylie Scott^

5. Talon – Julie Kagawa

6. Poison Princess – Kresley Cole*

7. Endless Knight – Kresley Cole*

8. Only With You – Lauren Layne^

9. After the Kiss – Lauren Layne^

10. Love the One You’re With – Lauren Layne^

So, ten books in November. The first two were pretty terrible. I like Victoria Dahl and went to read some of her backlist….and wow, awful. Clearly she has improved greatly as a writer. Then a long pause and Colleen Hoover’s new book. I like her as a writer and this was no exception. I don’t think it was as good as Hopeless, but it was a really strong novel. Lead was the next in the Stage Dive series and by far the best of the lot. Love love love. I am so excited for the fourth and final installment.

Talon is the first book in a new series by Julie Kagawa. She wrote the Iron Fey series and that is one of my favorite series. This one is about dragons. I was skeptical, because, dragons? Really? But it turns out this was another excellent start for her. I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to the next.

Then I reread my favorites by Kresley Cole, the third in the Arcana Chronicles series was supposed to be out in October but got moved back to January of next year, and I’m itching for it. I reread these so they’ll be fresh in my mind when the third one comes out next month.

Finally I discovered a new contemporary author, Lauren Layne. I enjoyed these books. They aren’t earth shattering, but they are light and fun and well written.

There we go. With only a single month remaining on the year, we will see what happens. 191 books total on the year. And while I will not give up, if I don’t read a single book in December and end with 191, I’d certainly be super proud of myself. That’s a lot of damn books. But, let’s see what this last month holds.

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