For the Roses

Just this morning, I got an Evite reminder for my family Christmas party (usually in January, but illness pushed it back) and decided it was a good time to go in and start designing my birthday Evite, which I think is fun to do. Less than six weeks until my bday, so why not?

I’ve had an Evite account for years and something made me click my profile. I haven’t looked at my profile since I created this account, I don’t think. I created the account in 2009, so it’s probably been six years. The very first thing that popped out at me was a line that says “Book I Read Over and Over…..” and I wrote “For the Roses by Julie Garwood”.

Now, this is true, I’ve probably read this book more than any other, possibly. What’s weird is this. Yesterday at work, I was reading an article online and something reminded me of a line from that book (because I’ve read it so many times, I actually know most of the lines by heart) and it made me nostalgic for the book, which I haven’t read in at least two years (because it wasn’t on my book lists the last two years, LOVE keeping track!) So I went home from work last night and started it.

So I happened to click on this profile and happened to see this line today and it happens to be on a day where I am READING THE VERY BOOK IN QUESTION! So strange. And yet, very cool. Another moment of synchronicity.

And with that, I will remind everyone to get your guesses in for the annual contest of how many books I’ll read. Meanwhile, I’ll go back to reading one of my favorite books, whilst eating my free Jimmy John’s sample sandwich. It’s a good day!

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