January Books 15

I still don’t have hardly any guesses, maybe 5? But it’s midway through the month and I just want to get this up. So I’m extending this year’s guessing period to the end of February. Frankly, based on my January results, I doubt it will impact your guessing all that much. If you have not yet guessed how many books I will read this year, hit the comments and do so RIGHT NOW!

Okay, onto the start of the year. Honestly, I was so looking forward to January. The third installment of the Arcana Chronicles (the second book won best book of the year two years running…) was due out and I was over the moon. It came out, I read it, and….it wasn’t the best. It was still a great book, but nowhere near as great as the second one, so it felt like a letdown. In reality it was probably more a case of my expectations being too high, but I still felt disappointed and that put me off reading. I don’t like being disappointed when I read. Strange but true.

And that brings us to:

January(5 Books)

1. The Iron King – Julie Kagawa*^

2. Dead of Winter – Kresley Cole^

3. The Darkest Touch – Gena Showalter

4. The Darkest Part of the Forest – Holly Black

5. Atlantia – Ally Condie^

And that’s it, folks. A long way to 200+ (as most of my few guesses seem to be) after such a soft start. Dead of Winter is the Arcana Chronicles book, still very good, still one of the best series I’ve ever read. Darkest Touch is a Lords of the Underworld novel. These are a little tiresome, but when I started (this is like the 14th in the series or something ridiculous) I had a favorite character and wanted to read his story. This is that book. It was good and I’m glad I read it, but I have pretty much no interest in reading any more. Atlantia is a novel about people living in a world under the ocean, by the writer of the Matched trilogy. I loved the Matched trilogy and wanted to check out her new book. I was less than impressed. It was fine but not thrilling the way the trilogy was. The Iron King is the first in the Iron Fey novels. Love those, another fantastic series, and decided to start rereading them, because I needed filler while I waited for Dead of Winter. And lastly, The Darkest Part of the Forest. I had never read Holly Black, but this premise intrigued me. I won’t say details, but this is a fairy tale-esque book and I adored it. Thought it was well done and well told, not at all what I expected.

For those of you still guessing, you get a hint. In January of 2013 I read 10 books and finished with 155 on the year. In January of 2014 I read 15 books and finished with 194 on the year. So now I have begun with 5 books. Make your guesses. Only two weeks left and then guessing will be closed.

And so it begins…..

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