February Books 15

I am a bad, bad, blogger. I haven’t even posted February books and here it is, April. Yikes. I’m going to pound out this and March, just to get closer to being caught up.

February(4 books)

1. Honeymoon Hotel – Hester Browne^

2. For the Roses – Julie Garwood*

3. Paradise – Judith McNaught*

4. Perfect – Judith McNaught*

And that’s it. One new book and three rereads. For those of you who guessed high this year (that would be of the few who bothered to guess at all) I’m not feeling good. Like with most things, there are ebbs and flows and I’ve read so much the last two years, I feel like it just naturally has to recede a bit. But we’ll see, there’s a lot of year left.

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