March Books 15

And here we go. March. March was the first month of the year that I really felt like reading. I have been so off of it lately. And the last couple years, I’ve barely read at all in March. It’s a busy month for me. But this year, I sank back in to reading a bit.

March (6 books)

1. Silver Thaw – Catherine Anderson

2. The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy – Julia Quinn

3. Bedding the Wrong Brother – Virna DePaul^

4. The Duke and I – Julia Quinn*

5. Love, Lucy – April Lindner

6. Just the Way You Are – Beverly Barton

And that’s it. All new books, except for number four, which is fun and exciting. I’ve got a stack of new books at home, this a good time of year for readers. My grand total on the year is at a whopping 15…which is like what I did in January last year. If I kept at this pace, I’d read 60 books on the year. Or, less than I read in June and July last year. Yowza.

But, the weather is warming, the chair is going up, things should start to perk up. Or not, we shall see.

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