Orbit Around the Sun

It takes the earth 365 days to orbit the sun, I decided to be more scientific today in light of the Pluto news abounding. But, essentially, I am talking about one year.

Today is my one year anniversary of my new job. It’s difficult and yet sublimely easy to face that an entire year has passed. That year has been one of the most dramatic of my life, which makes my boss think I’m full of drama. That idea always makes me laugh. I’m the least dramatic person I know. And it’s a catfight for who would win most.

But, personally, in the last year, our longtime family dog died, my family took our first vacation in 20 years, my mother got diverticulitis and was hospitalized for nearly a month and had four surgeries spanning nearly a year. My grandmother’s health declined and she moved in with my parents and then passed away and at her funeral I pulled a ligament in my foot which lead to my wearing a walking boot for seven weeks and being on lifelong restrictions. All of that, plus a few lesser items, in the span of one year.

And somewhere in there, I found time to start a new job and quietly change my professional direction. I am now a professional who attends conferences, in fact, in just two more days I will be a presenter at a conference, for the first time ever, an exciting start to my second work year. This job has been such a huge change for me. My old job was chaotic and demanding and often times, terrible. It was also fun and interesting and certainly full of character. I miss my students and the stories and the connections. The new job is quiet, introspective, and undemanding. I still have students, but they are not daily parading past my desk. I see them in a controlled environment once a month. I still make connections, but it is very different. I am very different. I am not the same person who started at Globe over five years ago. I am not even the same person who quit there one year ago. So many changes were bound to affect me and affect me they have.

I face my second year of life as an information literacy instructor and professionally things are really changing, and it’s exciting. Maybe it’s a year, perhaps that’s how long it takes to truly settle into a job. I don’t know for sure, but the one thing I am certain of is this. One year ago today, as I sat in my car in the parking lot and worried about starting a new job, I needn’t have bothered. I absolutely made the right decision.


4 thoughts on “Orbit Around the Sun

  1. I am so happy to hear that! Best of luck at your conference! ( although you won’t need it) and yes, it’s been quite a year😘

    • Thanks, and you are welcome any time. If you’re in town, I’m happy, or else I can send you anything you might be interested in.

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