August Books 15

And continuing my “I love to read outside” testimonials…

August (24 books)

  1. Too Good to be True – Kristan Higgins*^
  2. Just One of the Guys – Kristan Higgins*^
  3. Taken with You – Shannon Stacey^
  4. Under the Lights – Shannon Stacey^
  5. Falling for Max – Shannon Stacey^
  6. Exclusively Yours – Shannon Stacey^
  7. Slow Summer Kisses – Shannon Stacey^
  8. The Deal – Elle Kennedy^
  9. Not Quite Dating – Catherine Bybee^
  10. The Mistake – Elle Kennedy^
  11. Light My Fire – Christie Ridgway^
  12. True Confessions – Rachel Gibson^
  13. Reflected in You – Sylvia Day^
  14. What I Love About You – Rachel Gibson*^
  15. The Look of Love – Bella Andre^
  16. From This Moment On – Bella Andre^
  17. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Bella Andre^
  18. I Only Have Eyes for You – Bella Andre^
  19. If You Were Mine – Bella Andre^
  20. Brown-Eyed Girl – Lisa Kleypas^
  21. All You Need is Love – Marie Force^
  22. I Want to Hold Your Hand – Marie Force^
  23. I Saw Her Standing There – Marie Force^
  24. All I Ever Wanted – Kristan Higgins^

I think this may be the first month ever where I did not read an actual book. I’m not going back to check, but I don’t recall it happening before. Every single book was digital. Shock. Gasp.

Brown-Eyed Girl, I don’t see how you don’t take the losers crown this year. The final chapter in a series I ADORE, and it took her SIX YEARS between the third and this one. Six years I’ve patiently been waiting for the conclusion. What an absolute letdown. After that much time, if that’s the shit she’s serving, I wish she had just never written it at all, rather than conclude it like this. Whew, apparently I’m still bitter and it’s been months since I read this book.


Also, I’ve discovered I really love the New Adult genre, and The Deal (and The Mistake) by Elle Kennedy are some of the best I’ve read. Can’t wait for the third, due out this year.


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