December Books 15

And here we go, the final monthly wrap up of 2015.

December (10 books)

  1. Maybe Matt’s Miracle – Tammy Falkner^
  2. Proving Paul’s Promise – Tammy Falkner^
  3. Sweet Ruin – Kresley Cole
  4. The Harder You Fall – Gena Showalter^
  5. Phoenix Island – John Dixon^
  6. Devil’s Pocket – John Dixon^
  7. Allegiance – Cayla Kluver^
  8. Indecent Proposal – Molly O’Keefe
  9. Neanderthal Seeks Human – Penny Reid^
  10. Neanderthal Marries Human – Penny Reid^

This month I read the two John Dixon books, outside of my normal range and loved them. I delved into the newest Kresley Cole from her Immortals After Dark series, which I have read all of, and the last few have been severe disappointments, so I did not have high hopes for Sweet Ruin, where she was introducing new characters instead of giving stories to long awaited beloved ones.

And I loved it. LOVED IT. One of my all time favorites of that series. Maybe even my second favorite out of 16 books. That’s amazing.

Also the Neanderthal duology, lovelovelove. An amazing romance novel, billed as “a smart romance” and that was not an overstatement.

I also decided to give Molly O’Keefe another try, because I like her M. O’Keefe stuff so much. This was okay, but there’s some sort of magic she has under a different name.

And there you go. My total on the year was…..drumroll….nah, this isn’t really worth a drumroll…but you’ve probably already started….so, fine, keep the drumroll going…..


136 books.  My personal goal was 175, so I came up 39 books short, but I’m fine with it. I read what I read and only keep track to remember, it’s not [really] a contest. I’m still happy with my total.

Stay tuned for the year end wrap up!

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