September Books 15

September rolled around and I managed a measly 13 books, and that is really all I can think to say about that.

September (13 books)

  1. And I Love Her – Marie Force^
  2. A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin – Sophie Jordan^
  3. The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell – Chris Colfer
  4. Sleeper – Eric Walters^
  5. The Lightning Thief  – Rick Riordan*
  6. The Sea of Monsters – Rick Riordan*
  7. The Titan’s Curse – Rick Riordan*
  8. The Battle of the Labyrinth – Rick Riordan*
  9. The Last Olympian – Rick Riordan*
  10. The Lost Hero – Rick Riordan*
  11. The Son of Neptune – Rick Riordan*
  12. All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue – Sophie Jordan^
  13. Start Me Up – Nicole Michaels

And there you have it. One of my favorite books on the year is The Wishing Spell, by Chris Colfer, who starred as Kurt on Glee. It’s a terrific little story, but my favorite thing about it is that it was recommended to me by my favorite little reading buddy (who happened to be 9-years-old at the time of recommendation) Victoria. I have the rest of the series to read that she also loaned me, so be looking for those this year!

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