Year 2 of Movies

I just realized, yesterday, as we saw our first movie of the year (yep, already behind schedule) that I never posted the results from last year. So, without further ado:


January: Into the Woods & The Gambler

We knew February was out, so we decided to double up in January. Into the Woods we saw with Lane and I remember not really liking it. But that’s about it. The Gambler was Mark Wahlberg, whom I pretty much always enjoy….but I did not care for this.

February: None because of surgery for my mom.

March: Cinderella

This live action version of the story came out for my birthday and my niece wanted so desperately to see it. When it was over, I said, “that’s the best version of that story I’ve ever seen.” Truly.

April: None because there was nothing we wanted to see.

May: Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, Pitch Perfect 2.

It happened to work out that there were two I desperately wanted to see in May. May is always a good month for movies. Avengers 2? Um…awesome. Not perhaps as delightful as Avengers 1, but still very good. And PP2? Well I adored PP, and made my mom watch it so she could go see this with me. And she and I loved them both.

June: None because of another surgery.

July: Spy & Ant-Man

Well I think Ant-Man was a no-brainer. I see all movies in the MCU. This was enjoyable. I struggle, then and now, buying Paul Rudd as a superhero, but it was still good.

Spy was because we wanted to make up for June, so my mom suggested this. Normally, not something either of us would go see, but it was…terrific! Funny and smart. Loved it.

August: Trainwrecked* & Ricki and the Flash

Trainwrecked was not part of our plan, but my brother Zack wanted to see it. Definitely a movie I would NOT normally see. But it was actually better than expected. Surprising movie. Ricki and the Flash was our pick this month. I enjoyed it, but it is a very slow story.

September: None, again because of surgery.

October: The Intern

Possibly the biggest disappointment on the year. What an utterly stupid movie.

November: Spectre & White Christmas

The new James Bond. No brainer here. It was good. Perhaps not quite as good as the previous movies in the trilogy, but still very James Bond/Daniel Craigish. As a bonus this month, I took Mom to see White Christmas, one of our all-time favorite holiday classics, which was showing on the big screen. Now since it originally came out in 1954 when neither of us was born, we didn’t ever see it on the big screen, so we were super excited. And it did not disappoint. It was glorious on the big screen, and we sang along to the songs, as did most other people in the theater. Possibly my favorite thing I saw last year.

December: Sisters and The Good Dinosaur

We needed one last film for the year and chose extremely unwisely. Sisters is an atrociously awful film. Hated it. Wanted to leave. Luckily, my mom had planned to take my niece to see the latest Pixar release while she was off school. I crashed their date and we pretended this was our actual final film of the year. And in true Pixar fashion, this was adorable and sweet.

So, despite multiple surgeries screwing with our plan, we ended up seeing 14 movies in 12 months. Most were even pretty good. And the plan continues!

3 thoughts on “Year 2 of Movies

  1. I am so glad you hated the Intern. I kind of liked it until the end – I can’t believe she took back that weasley scruffy no-goodnik husband. I mean, really.

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