April 2016 Books

Awesome, I’ll knock out this one and be officially caught up. For about 10 more days. We ended up having some nice weather in March, but then April hit and it got cold and rainy and even snowy once or twice. No reading outside, which is sad, but I still managed to do okay.

April (11 books)

  1. Riders – Veronica Rossi
  2. Dear Mr. Henshaw – Beverly Cleary^
  3. The Great Hunt – Wendy Higgins
  4. The Siren – Kiera Cass
  5. Firstlife – Gena Showalter
  6. The Score – Elle Kennedy^
  7. Dirty – Kylie Scott^
  8. Flat Out Sexy – Erin McCarthy^
  9. Wicked – Jennifer L. Armentrout^
  10. The Duchess – Jude Devereaux*
  11. If You Only Knew – Kristan Higgins^

And, may I say, some possible winners this month. Riders was my first Veronica Rossi book, I really liked it, I thought it could have been better, but the premise was awesome and I’m curious about the rest of the series. I read Dear Mr. Henshaw on Beverly Cleary’s 100th birthday as a way to honor her.

The Great Hunt is a new series by Wendy Higgins, who wrote a series I LOVE, and I really liked this as well. Perhaps even more.

The Siren is a standalone by a series author I love. It was surprisingly gripping. Didn’t end the way I thought, but it was a good read.

Firstlife….wow, Gena Showalter might just be the author I want to be when I grow up. She writes across so many genres and does all of them well. This was a dystopian teen novel and I loved it.

The Score was a highly anticipated third installment to a series I loved. And it was awful. Such a huge letdown. A victim of the oversell. 

Dirty is the start of a new series by Kylie Scott, I’ve only read one other brief series by her, four books and liked all but the first one. This I loved. She may have leapt over to the favorites list.

Flat Out Sexy is a contender for worst book of the year (except just yesterday I read a worse book, but technically I can’t talk about that until the May list). This book was both awful and stupid.

Then we have Wicked. I wonder if Jennifer Armentrout COULD write a book I didn’t like?

And then I was looking over my book list and realized I had not re-read a single book yet this year. Everything was brand new. That is astonishing on so many levels, but it caused me to wonder if that is why my numbers are so much lower this year? I read more when I read books I already know I love? Very possible. So I whipped through an all-time favorite. The Duchess.

And lastly, another Kristan Higgins, but more of a chick lit for her, out of her usual style, and lo and behold, a KH book I finally liked. True story. Apparently I just don’t like her romance.

That’s April. It’s not stellar, but so far I at this point, I’ve read 39 books. Wow. I thought that was super low, but that’s actually 17 books AHEAD of last year’s total. It’s 24 books BEHIND my 2014 total, but then again, that was my biggest year so far. It is exactly the same as my 2013 total, where I ended up with 155 books. I was aiming for 175 this year, so I guess we will see.

Keep on Reading!

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