March 2016 Books

And that brings us to birthday month, mine, which is the best one, obviously. I wouldn’t say I read an overwhelming amount but I am actually pretty happy with this showing after February’s disappointing showing and because it’s a fairly busy month for me.

March (7 books)

  1. Dangerous Lies – Becca Fitzpatrick^
  2. Relatively Famous – Heather C. Leigh^
  3. Confessions of an Ugly Girl – Alice Wasser^
  4. New Leaf – Catherine Anderson
  5. Miss Match – Laurelin McGee
  6. Room – Emma Donoghue
  7. Anything for You – Kristan Higgins^

These stand out a bit more. The first two, not at all, but the others. Confessions of an Ugly Girl was surprisingly good. I had low expectations but it easily cleared them. New Leaf is part of a series by an author I love, I own every single book she wrote. This was NOT GOOD. It was easily the worst book she’s ever written. Such a disappointment.

Miss Match was a cute romance, kind of predictable at times, but there were a few unexpected surprises and I enjoy that, with the sheer volume of romances I read. Room, well, it’s a pretty well known book. I’ve had a copy that Kelly gave me for years, but never read it. Then the movie was coming out and I figured I should…so I did. Aaaaaaahyikes. Can’t tell you how much I disliked this book. End of story.

The final one is another in a series. It was also perhaps the worst of the series. So a lot of disappointment in my favorite month, but it’s okay. Not every book can be a winner, I just like reading ’em, even if I don’t like ’em.

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