Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

But do, in fact, judge the book. I just saw on Twitter that the Friends of the St. Paul Library is looking for judges for the MN Book Awards. As a librarian, each spring I look for the list of the new books and check out some new award winners, it’s a fun time. This year, I thought, “hm, what if I were able to impact those awards?”

I mean, judging books? Yes please!

I think I’d be a good candidate, I read a lot, I think about books a lot, I think I am well versed in what is a good book versus an excellent book versus a less-than-stellar book.

And I think this is also a good move for me, professionally. It’s a different area than I have previously been focused, but it is still heavily related, so it’s a step, a line on the resume.

All good things, yes, but mostly, I just think it would be fun. An adventure. Something new to try. So I applied. Applications run until September 9, and they’ll choose by the 16th. I may not get chosen, but I hope that I do, I’d really enjoy trying something like this .

Cross your fingers for me and I’ll keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

  1. Wow, that is so exciting!! It sounds like something perfectly suited to you. I will keep my fingers crossed for sure! Good luck!

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