The Fifty States

As my family road tripped to South Dakota this summer, we spent time talking to the kids about “adding a state” to the list they’ve visited. Cam and Arionna are each up to five states (MN, WI, CA, SD, and WY). It occurred to me this might be a good time to make a list of the states I’ve visited, so here we go!

Alabama – yes, more than once, I’ve got family there

Alaska – no

Arizona – driven through, but didn’t stop, but I have friends there, so I might

Arkansas – yes, stayed there during a road trip. Blytheville. The horror.

California – yes, went to Disneyland in the 4th grade

Colorado – yes, friends used to live there and I visited in…2002?

Connecticut – no

Delaware – yes, spent a small amount of time there when I was living out East.

Florida – yes, we rented a condo one summer and drove down and spent time there, went to Disneyworld as well. I was 16.

Georgia – no

Hawaii – no

Idaho – no

Illinois – yes, Chicago, several times, including twice in one summer

Indiana – yes, driving back and forth from DC, I spent some time in Indy with a flat tire

Iowa – yes, during family trips as a child

Kansas – yes, we have family in Kansas City, MO, and drove over the border to see some sights

Kentucky – yes, Bowling Green, home of the Corvette Museum, been there

Louisiana – yes, been to New Orleans, pre-Katrina

Maine – no, even though Elena lived there

Maryland – yes, practically lived there while in DC, did all my shopping in Maryland

Massachusetts – no, but Boston is on the list

Michigan – yes, apparently, according to my mom. no, I think, though we may have when I was a kid and I’m misremembering…Mom?

Minnesota – well, duh, I live here

Mississippi – yes, visited Biloxi during the Florida/New Orleans trip

Missouri – yes, family in KC as mentioned, visited there, got to walk on the field of the Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead Stadium, which is what stands out.

Montana – no

Nebraska – yes, during road trip to CO, visited Mindy’s mom in Lincoln (she was there on business) and then my car broke down in North Platte, so got to be guests of that booming metropolis. Also saw The Birds.

Nevada – yes, two separate times to Las Vegas

New Hampshire – no

New Jersey – yes, interviewed for a job there (and got it, but didn’t take it) and visited Atlantic City

New Mexico – no, like Arizona, drove through but didn’t stop

New York – no, but it’s at the tippy top of my list

North Carolina – no, but I’ve got family there

North Dakota – yes, visited colleges there

Ohio – yes, drove through many times stopped a few to see sights

Oklahoma – the home of Christian Kane? No, not yet.

Oregon – yes, Portland, to see Christian Kane. And Powell’s Books, but mostly, CK

Pennsylvania – yes, Pittsburgh and drove the length of it, my favorite state to drive through, thus far

Rhode Island – no

South Carolina – no

South Dakota – yes, visited Jason and family there, spent a week in Watertown, then this summer, visited the Black Hills

Tennessee – yes, once spent six hours in the Memphis airport by myself at age 13, and also stopped in Nashville on a road trip

Texas – yes, road trip, it’s where my sister got sick and we stopped at a hospital

Utah – yes, spent the night there on a road trip, it was the motel with the outdoor swimming pool and the bubble over it that collapsed on us

Vermont – no

Virginia – yes, practically lived there and also toured many sights

Washington – no

Washington DC – yes, lived there for two years

West Virginia – yes, during trips back and forth, and the bridge crossing into Wheeling, WV is perhaps my favorite in the country

Wisconsin – yes, more times than I could possibly count

Wyoming – yes, this summer, during our trip to the Black Hills, which added one state onto my list

Total? 31 states 32 states if we add the forgotten Michigan, plus Washington DC. And two that I’ve technically been to, but never visited (AZ, NM). That’s not bad, if I do say so myself. I’ve also been to Canada, Mexico, England, Amsterdam, Czech Republic, and Austria. So, 19 more states to go and I’ll officially have covered the USA, that will be a nice accomplishment. I’m already imagining the blog.

Thanks, Mom!

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