Customer Disservice

I owe some blogs, certainly, but this one couldn’t wait. I bought appliances in October, I bought them from Warners’ Stellian, a locally owned/family owned appliance store and people I know have happily bought appliances from them. My story is a trainwreck. And unfortunately I didn’t look at reviews until afterward, but my story is not uncommon.

I’m going to post the full text of the email complaint I sent in yesterday, it explains it better and then you’ll know the whole story. Stay tuned at the end for the results.

Okay, so I don’t feel like I was irrational or even asking for the moon. They screwed up, royally and repeatedly and at MY cost. It was a disaster from the get go. I think my point that they should have given me my money back and been done with it is valid. Instead, after a full business day of waiting, they lowballed me.

They offered me the exact cost of the contractor’s estimate, which did not include the cost of paint and said so right on the invoice, which was $250, plus the cost of groceries, if I sent them an itemized list.

That pissed me off, too. I am the wronged party here, ME, and they have the nerve to lowball me and then ask me to itemize my costs? Um, no. That’s what the email was, and itemized list of grievances, and I gave you my cost, you ignored it. But, I also am so sick of dealing with this mess. It has been consuming my life for a month. I want to be done. So I responded and told him I would settle for $400, but made it clear that they were in the wrong and that they didn’t even apologize.

Okay, they sent me a form letter apology. That doesn’t count. Not in my book. It wasn’t even personalized. “Dear customer we strive for the best and are sorry that your situation….blahblahblah” is not an apology.  I think at the very least the asshole lowballing could have offered up a sincere apology. But no.

I want this out there, not to complain or vent, but to tell anyone who is in Minnesota to simply not use them. Their customer service is atrocious. And from what I have seen, they simply do not care.


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