October 2016 Books

I must have been busy in October. I don’t really recall but I didn’t see a movie this month either, so something must have been eating up my time.

4 books this month.


  1. Mister O – Lauren Blakely^
  2. 21 Stolen Kisses – Lauren Blakely^
  3. Big Rock – Lauren Blakely^
  4. Rookie Move – Sarina Bowen^

That’s it. Mister O was the first Lauren Blakely I’d ever read. I loved it, it was such a funny book. I did not like 21 Stolen Kisses, from a different series. Big Rock is part of the Mister O series and I loved that a lot.

Sarina Bowen is a favorite of mine and this is the start of a new spinoff series. It was good, not as good as her earlier stuff, but worth sticking to for another book or two.

And that’s really it. This brought my total to 161/175.

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