December 2017 Books

Man alive, I can barely remember back this far. I’ve had a busy January which is why I am nearly at the end and I still haven’t done my yearly book wrapup. As it is my favorite post of the year, I want to get it in before January runs out, so I need to post this quick. All I can tell you is that by December I was running on fumes. I was actually kind of burned out on reading so I barely read at all.

December: (3 books)

  1. An Ex for Christmas – Lauren Layne^
  2. American Queen – Sierra Simone^
  3. Every Heart a Doorway – Seanan McGuire^

Yep, that’s it! Three little books. Here’s what I can tell you about them. The first one features a couple called Mark and Kelly and, well, I have very close friends called Mark and Kelly and so it was a little weird for me. But it the closing chapter of a series I very much enjoyed, so I read it, and surprisingly enjoyed it very much. It was cute and fun and sweet.

American Queen was on so many people’s best of lists that I gave it a try. Big mistake. It was horrible. One of the worst of the year (stay tuned…).

And Every Heart a Doorway an odd little book I stumbled across. I liked it, but it didn’t rock my world. If I were in a book deadzone, I might pick up the sequel. We shall see.

There you have it, folks. Any ideas on the grand total?


Two hundred and twenty-five books.

True story. I was a reading machine in 2017. And that is by far my largest total since I started keeping track. Keep your peepers glued here to see my annual recap. It’ll be posted as soon as, well, as soon as I write it.

Here’s to another great year of reading!

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