All About Me!

It is you know–all about me. At least I like to think so, which is why I blog. My name is Olivia and I am a thirtysomething librarian in Minnesota. This is my record of all the things that I do as I deal with my job, my unruly family, my adorable niece and nephews, and more friends than any girl should be lucky enough to have.

I started blogging in December of 2007 because my friend and fellow librarian, Meg, was chastising me for not being an integral member of the digital world. She may have even accused me of being a luddite. So, I began blogging at a little site I stumbled across, called Mindsay. If you want to read my first 500 (give or take) posts, you can follow this link.That will give you a fairly accurate representation of who I am.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that I really enjoy blogging, much to my everlasting surprise. I finally outgrew Mindsay and, while I’ll miss the “small town” community feel I enjoyed there, I’m quite happy to be venturing out into the big, bad blogging world.

I hope you enjoy my stories and photos (lots of photos!). This is an exciting time in my life, full of change. I recently bought my first house, I am wading through the politics of my swanky new job(s), I lost my beloved car after several years of faithful service and replaced her with an old, high mileage car and I just switched blog sites. All that fodder should make for some worthwhile reading.

You’ll find that I like to share stories about the ordinary things that happen, skewed with my humor and perspective. I’ll also talk a lot about the books I read and televisions shows I watch, along with my never-ending obsession with Christian Kane. My family makes for some good reading and anything that gives me a chance to take a picture or two for the blog is right up my alley. I’m pretty much all about seriousness and gravity humor and sarcasm. Leave me a comment and I’ll swing by your place to meet you.

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy yourself while you’re here. Whatever you do, don’t take me seriously, life is for living and as Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted”. If I’m not having fun, it isn’t worth it for me. So, have fun while you’re here and laugh a lot. I probably meant it to be funny anyway.

6 thoughts on “All About Me!

  1. Hi Olivia. I just found and read your blog about Christian Kane. I’m an admin in Christian Kane Vote & Promote group .. not sure if you are since I don’t know your last name. If you are not, you really need to join our group. Please send me an email if you are interested! The link to the group is but as it is a closed group don’t think you can see much. Hope to hear from you! Sandy

    • Hi Sandy,

      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the invite, but I don’t do FB. I appreciate all that you guys do, though!.

  2. It is great to “meet” another Minnesota Christian Kane fan! There are a few of us out here. If you are interested in learning more about what is going on with CK I would like to invite you to a Closed FB Group called “Christ Kane Vote and Promote.” We (2600 and counting) do just what the title says we do. We respond to online magazine articles about for him, we tweet said information out to followers, we comment on FB pages that, like us, support CK. Right now we are campaigning any and all theaters in our areas to bring “50 to1” to our big screens. We also vote on Sexiest….Polls, Best…Polls, well, you get the idea! It it will get his name to the public and powers that be we do it! We are also a very tight knit group socially. I know it sounds crazy when there are 2616 members as of 5 minutes ago that we can be close, but a request for prayers, positive thoughts or what ever and there will be responses coming out of the woodwork from around the globe, seriously! If you are interested, and I know you are, you can send a Friend request to me (Nona Wallert) or PM Jeannean Sword, our lead Administrator. We really are awesome!

    • Hi Nona,

      Nice to “meet” you too! CK fans are everywhere. I’m not on FB, but I think what you do sounds great. I do my part whenever possible. Thanks for stopping by.


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