My Mom and Adam Levine

So in my family, we’re all fans of The Voice. I mean, who isn’t? Anyway, I’ve long been a Maroon 5 fan, since the first album, so I’m no stranger to the delight that is Adam Levine. My mom on the other hand, well, she’s just discovering the deliciousness that he delivers.

I won’t lie, if I were ever on The Voice, I’d be hard pressed who to choose. Adam’s hot, and I think he’s a good coach, but I think Blake is the best coach, so I’d be legitimately torn.

Then, today, I found a silly quiz online. Here. (If you take it, hit the comments and let me know who you got). You take it and it tells you who your Voice coach should be. I took it and got Adam. Problem solved. (snort, as though I’d make a life decision based on an internet quiz. I mean, I’d obviously use important criteria like, who is hotter or who hugged me, right?)

Anyway, I thought it was cute. So I emailed it to my mom. She took the quiz and emailed me back, “I got Usher”. Now, we all liked Usher when he was on, but I replied, “sucks to be you, think of all the laps he’ll make you run.”

And my mom replied, “don’t worry, I’m going to take it again and again until I get Adam.”

Seriously, I just about died. I literally laughed out loud at my desk. Because it’s just a stupid internet quiz, but that is so my mom that it tickled my funny bone. Don’t worry, she did take it again, and she did get Adam. So all is now right with the world. And my mom. And Adam Levine.

Team Adam!

A Day for Moms

So Mother’s Day is still over a month away. However, I just had a cooking question and I emailed my mom, she promptly replied with the answer and now I can have dinner tonight. And it made me feel grateful for her, all over again. Not just that she’s my mom and she’s awesome and she knows so much, but that she’s always there for even the little stuff.

i was thinking that I don’t need a special day to profess my love and admiration for her. But this year, I will be so glad for the arrival of this pseudo-holiday for one reason.

Then Hulu will finally stop playing that horrible commercial about breast cancer. EVERY episode of EVERY show that I watch it is on during EVERY commercial break. It’s awful, non-compelling, and way too long. And each time it comes on I think, “seriously, I have to put up with this for three, two, one more month(s)?” Now that MD is only five weeks away it’s almost over, but I still have to watch it every day for five more weeks.


So, bring on the day to celebrate Moms. Let people walk for breast cancer. Allow me to celebrate my mom any old time I want. And for God’s sake, quit showing that damn commercial.


P.S. Happy Maundy Thursday, everyone.

Keeps Getting Better

Ever have one of those days where little things keep popping up to make you happy and it just seems like it keeps getting better?

Today is one of those days. Blog comments, emails I wasn’t expecting….and, finally, some amazing news.

Christian Kane (if you’ve ever read my blog, surely you must know of my love for all things Christian Kane) is FINALLY returning to television! He’s been cast as one of the leads in a new tv series called The Librarians. It’s based off the movie series of the same name, the ones starring Noah Wylie. Wylie will be in the show, too, along with Rebecca Romijn. But who cares about that? CHRISTIAN KANE is going to be back on my tv!!!

I haven’t seen him in anything since Leverage went off the air on December 25, 2012. He’s made a movie since then, but it is in limited release and, as of yet, has not been released within reasonable driving distance of my home, so I haven’t seen it.

But they called him off the road a few weeks back, from promoting the movie, 50 to 1, because the creators of Leverage wanted him for a new tv show. It’s finally been confirmed that TNT has picked up the show for 10 episodes that will be released, wait for it, in the fall of 2014! That is this year!

Now we just have to hope the show is amazing and gets picked up so I can get my weekly CK fix. I’ll watch it no matter what, that goes without saying, but it’d be nice if it worked out and he had a regular series again. It’s nice for me. And probably him, too, I suppose.

The other news in Kaniac-land is that for the show, the producers made him cut his hair. You saw him in the blog I did about photoshop and yes, he’s wearing a hat (that was for the movie promo) but you can certainly tell that his hair is considerably shorter there, than it was, say, here (he’s the fourth picture down…just scroll). He actually cut his long hair toward the end of Leverage, I think I might have blogged about it here but I can’t find it. Anyway, he’s cut it again. Now he looks like this:


Yep, that’s the shortest his hair has been in about a decade. When Angel first began, his hair was that short, but he had started growing it out by the end.

Because I’m just making my own day, here’s a pic of him from the first season of Angel, in 2003, eleven years ago.


See, short hair? And that’s the CK I developed my crush on, but I always did have a thing for his long hair. At any rate, he’s handsome regardless of what his hair looks like. The point is. HE’S COMING BACK TO TV! Soon! And I’m so happy I could dance a jig. (And yeah, I used that as an excuse to talk about him and post pictures. That’s why I blog. To do whatever the hell I want.) My day: keeps getting better. Christian Kane: KEEPS GETTING BETTER

Roller Derby

This past season of television, I was watching a show and they did an episode about roller derby girls. I honestly can’t remember what the show was. I remember thinking it was an odd thing to do a show about, but whatever. Then, a couple weeks later, Bones did an episode about roller derby. 

That caught me off guard. One was odd, but not strange. Two? In the same season? 

Then, a month or so later, Hawaii Five-0 did a roller derby episode. 

THREE shows I watch did episodes revolving around roller derby in the same season. That’s beyond bizarre. Is there some nationwide derby crazy going on that I don’t know about? 

I know roller derby has gained a cult following the past few years, but enough to deserve immortalization on not one, not two, but three prime time television shows?

Then, just last night, I was watching an episode of The Glades, which is a summer-only show from A&E. I adore this show. And that episode was about….roller derby!

I mean, seriously, what is going on? 

Now I am worried that if I watch something I’m going to have to spend an hour learning – again – what a jammer does, and trying not to give myself a headache from the wannabe funny puns that serve as derby girl names. 


I used to want to go and see a roller derby match. Honestly. I’m over it. I hope that television writers are, too. 

Do Not Spoil My Joy

I’m doing this because Elena asked me to.

I wrote her a story, which I will not tell here, because it is long. To summarize, I used my innate powers to will a song to play on my iPhone. True story.

She said that my magic finally kicked in at 34. I’m all “cool”. (Because I’m very casual about magic).

Then I said that maybe Dean Winchester will come and try to kill me now. Dean Winchester, for those not in the know, is the main character on Supernatural, my favorite television show. He, along with his brother Sam, hunt supernatural beings that are evil and the kill them.

Elena said Dean would not try to kill me.

My response was:

I WANT Dean to try to kill me. It’d be all dramatic. And I’d outsmart him. But only for a minute, because he’s freaking smart, and then he’d come after me again, but then I’d convince him that I’m good and would never use my magic for evil. And he’d still want to kill me. But them Sam would show up and actually almost kill me. But Dean would SAVE me, because he knows I’m not evil. And they’d have a heart to heart about it, right there in my living room. I’d get to watch.

Dean would do the single tear. Sam would stand there, looking awkward, but then he’d turn on the puppy dog eyes and he and Dean would hug. Then they’d decide to let me live. THEN, they’d start calling me for help. Like if they can’f figure out a spell or they’re just stumped. They’d call me, because they know I’m good AND powerful and I’d be their new ally.

 It’ll be great. And SPN S9 will be all about them hunting with their magic friend Olivia.

 Do not spoil my joy.

And she laughed, and told me to write this on my blog to allow others to share the wonder and the crazy that is my brain. I figured “why not”.

Because, it’s not like anyone will dare make fun of me.

I’m magic.

I could kill you with my mind.

But then Dean would actually kill me. So that would be bad. Fine. I won’t hurt people. But that won’t stop me from giving you a flat tire and making you late for work and then getting a cracked windshield and then burning your dinner and then getting a zit on the day of the big presentation and then dropping a pencil and bending over to retreive it, only to have your pants split down the middle.

I will not hurt anyone, but I will be the biggest pest alive, if you’re mean to me.

So be nice.

And for Heaven’s sake, do not spoil my joy. I’m magic now.

A Little Synchronous

Last night, while eating dinner, I was watching an episode of The West Wing, in the episode, CJ, the press secretary was explaining to Donna how a bad situation was going to play with the press. She said there would definitely be some schadenfreude.

Donna, a secretary, said, “schadenfreude?”

CJ replied “you know, enjoying the suffering of others. The whole rationale behind the US House of Representatives.”

It was a funny moment, but hardly one that would stick in my mind, until I came to work, about 12 hours later and the first email in my inbox was my word of the day email.

Today’s word?

Schadenfreude (n.) Pleasure derived from another’s misfortune.

Well, how about that?

That’s not so common a word that you’d expect to keep hearing it. It’s moments like that, moments of synchronicity that make my day. And also, it’s a lovely addition to our TYNKYNK and the first one of 2013!

I Want a Cowboy

I stumbled across this today (and by stumbled, I mean I was deliberately pointed toward it by #9’s alter ego) and was just delighted. Since I’ve been a slack-blogger lately, I decided to forego the weighty blogs I have brewing and kick out some lighthearted fun.

Here then are the top 10 list of Modern Day Cowboys:

And I will tell you what. I agree with numbers 10, 9, 7, 5, 3, and 1, no problem. However, I think #4 is ridiculous as is #2. I have no problem with 2 being on the list, just not at #2. And #4? I watched that show, faithfully and religiously, for five years. I barely remember that character. For a show set in Texas and filled with modern day cowboys (Tim Riggins anyone? How about Coach Taylor?) that is a foolish pick. Numbers 6 and 8 are fine, I just wouldn’t have put them above certain others. Also, given my druthers, I would totally add Steve McGarrett as a modern day cowboy. If Seeley Booth can make the list, so can McGarrett.

And, while #3 may be on my favorite show and #9 may be my favorite everything, I actually agreed with the number 1 pick, it’s hard not to.

Heck, all this numbering is making me crazy. Without further ado, here is MY list.

10. Eric Taylor, Friday Night Lights

9. Jim Longworth, The Glades

8. Deacon Clayborne, Nashville

7. Harvey Specter, Suits

6. Aaron Hotchner, Criminal Minds

5. Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0

4. Seeley Booth, Bones

3. Dean Winchester, Supernatural

2. Eliot Spencer, Leverage

1. Raylan Givens, Justified

And, yeah, I know that several people on my list are not actually cowboys in any fashion, but they make the list for being “modern” cowboys. Men with a cowboy attitude. Men who can kick ass and cry in the same scene. Men who thrillingly terrify when they face down a bad guy. Good with a gun (or a fist or his brain or all three) and fiercely protective of the ones they love. The man who can be counted on to do the right thing even in the worst circumstances. These are modern cowboys. It’s my definition, sure, but it’s my list, too.

So tell me, do you agree? Who would you add or subtract? And who would you move up or down?