You Don’t Have to Be a Child

To love the mystery.


The heart of this Christmas, is in you and me.

The night before Christmas.

The night before Christmas.


Here’s hoping you find everything you love under the tree.

Have a wonderful holiday. Love, Livlife

VOTE for the Hottest President…

Happy Election Day (US)! I hope you all went out and cast your vote, or, if you haven’t, I hope you plan to, after work. I will be voting on my way home.

I’m not political, nor do I particularly care whom you vote for. I think it is more important that you vote at all.

How do we celebrate election day here at Livlife?

By voting!

Let’s begin, shall we?

There you go, a group photo of all of our presidents. Now, for the good stuff.

Cast your votes in the comments. If you know the name, you’re welcome to use it, but for all answers give me the number on the photo, even if you use the name. (e.g. George Washington – 1, or #1)

1. Who is the hottest president (all things being relative, none of them are CK, but someone must be best looking)?

2. Best outfit?

3. Best stance (way they are standing/sitting for this photo)

4. Best hair (facial or otherwise)

5. Best hat (not all of them have or are wearing hats, but many are holding hats)

Finally, who, in your opinion, is the greatest president we’ve ever had? You don’t have to say why, but if you want to, I promise I’ll be curious.

See, isn’t this much more fun than watching campaign ads? Or scouring polls to see who is ahead?


Here are my picks. (Skip to the end if you’re not into spoilers).

1. Starting with my dark horse pick. #33, Harry Truman

2. This was a tough one, so many nice suits, tuxedos and the period clothing! I almost voted for #5, but in the end, my pick for best outfit was #1, George Washington (he has a CAPE!)

3. This was a no-brainer for me. #28, Woodrow Wilson. And he also looks like he’s laughing.

4. Another no-brainer. #8, Martin Van Buren. I mean, really?

5. This was tough. Some of the hats they are holding are hard to see. But, I am casting my vote with #7, Andrew Jackson. Pretty much only because Lincoln is not shown with his stovepipe hat.

And my pick for best president? I went round and round on this decision, but, in the end, I went with my first choice. I vote for #3, Thomas Jefferson.

Why? Well, it’s not entirely based on presidential stuff. But Jefferson helped found this nation. He wrote the Declaration of Independence. He founded the Library of Congress (granted, by selling them his books, but that’s just fiscally smart), he founded the University of Virginia.  He was also in the Virginia state legislature, Governor of Virginia, a member of the 1st Continental Congress, Minister to France, Secretary of State, and Vice President. He established our currency system, based on the dollar and determined that we use feet and inches in measurement. Given his predilection toward learning, education, and rational thought, I have to  believe that he ran our country based on those same principles.

During his presidency, he authorized the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition; which doubled the size of the country during his term and explored the topography and native tribes to increase trading and commerce.

Sure there are flashier presidents. Certainly Lincoln, ending slavery and the Civil War would be a strong contender, but I like Thomas Jefferson. Always have.


What do you think? Sound off in the comments and please take a moment to cast your votes.

It’s fun to have fun with election day.

Halloween 2012

My evening was just delightful. I left work and went straight to my sister’s house. They were supposed to be gone, at her in-laws, and I would meet them there. When I arrived, the house was dark, so I sat in my car, waiting for them. People were staring at the creepy woman in a wig, watching trick-or-treaters. Turns out, Arionna had a melt-down and they never left the house, so Chad’s parents came over to their house. They were home the whole time and I was just sitting in my car.

My sister brought Arionna outside and saw me in my car. She told me that Arionna wouldn’t get her costume on. What is up with that bee costume? We went to one house and Arionna wanted to be held and she had her head buried in Emily’s neck. I finally took her from Em and talked to her. I managed to get her to agree to put the rest of her costume on. We went back to their house and I got her fully dressed.


There she is, my little bumblebee.

She wasn’t all about smiling for the camera, but it’s still leaps ahead of where we were with Simon.


That’s our Halloween picture, the best of the lot. For those wondering, I was black and blue….a bruise!


With her witchy grandma. She told my mom she had to be a witch for Halloween, so my mom accommodated.


That is the only shot I got of her whole costume, including the little stinger on her butt.


An actual trick-or-treating shot. She would not speak to anyone. She would silently stare at everyone and just hold up her bucket. Then, the second we were away from the house, she’d chatter like a magpie.

At one point, Emily ran home to get gloves for Arionna. It wasn’t too cold outside, but she’s been sick and Em was making sure. When we all stopped in the street for her to put the gloves on, I noticed something cool and made everyone pause for a photo.

From L-R: Chad (the super skinny shadow WAY left), my Mom, Arionna, Emily, Me, and Kathy (Chad’s mom).

Nice, spooky, Halloween shadow photo.

A lovely family portrait from their front porch, in front of their pumpkins.

Once we got inside, little Bee wanted that candy.


“I got candy!”

Just kept digging into that pumpkin. Pulling out candy after candy, stopping to eat random pieces.

Then I said I wanted one picture of her smiling in her costume.


She refused to even look at the camera. Sweetheart.

Later, I changed her into her jammies and she and I had a tea party in the living room. Then, she was getting silly and tried on Grandma’s witch hat.


And suddenly she’s smiling. Kids.


It was a super fun Halloween and a beautiful night for trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween, 2012!

Happy Halloween

I love this holiday. I love dressing up in goofy costumes and being silly and seeing people who express their creativity. Also, I love candy, so it’s pretty much a win-win.

Second only to Christmas, are the expanse of my Halloween decorations. Unfortuantely, this year, I was so busy working three jobs that I didn’t get around to putting up any of them. None. The only Halloween decor at my house are the two new things I bought because it was more work to put them away than put them out.

I even thought I wouldn’t do a costume, because they require preparation and I just didn’t have the time. I was fortunate Arionna is wearing the bee costume I made for Simon, so I didn’t have to make her a costume.

Then, two days ago, I was in my house and feeling quite sad. I went into my closet and pulled out all my costume stuff. I looked at everything and waited for inspiration to strike. It did, but not until the next day.

Suddenly, I knew what I could be and it would be easy!

Today, I was able to dress up with ease and happiness, knowing my Halloween tradition stands.

And what, I’m sure you’re wondering, did inspiration strike me with?

Here’s a photo:


Here’s a close up of my wig, just because I like it.


Now, the question is, what am I? I’m kind enough to give all of you the chance to guess. Go ahead, guess!

Fill the comments with your guesses, a prize to the winner, if there is one.

In other Halloween news; here’s a picture of my darling nephew, dressed in the same colors as me, but for an entirely different purpose.


And, is it just me, or does he look far older than his five years?

Happy Halloween!