October Books

Well here we are, with only two months left on the year. I have to admit, friends, I’m tapering off. I think it might be exhaustion. Truthfully, it takes much more effort to read than it does to watch television. And perhaps because I read so much early on, I’ve hit another book slump. It’s okay, I’m just not into reading right now. I power binged on episodes of The Good Wife, so that was fun, but it’s a pretty different experience than reading. I started out strong in October, but then it just tapered off. I haven’t read a book since October 19. True story. Easily the longest I’ve gone this year (today being November 6….)

And still I managed 10 books in October.

October: (10 books)

1. The Earl is Mine – Kieran Kramer

2. Say Yes to the Duke – Kieran Kramer

3. The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell – Samantha James*

4. The House of Hades – Rick Riordan*

5. The Blood of Olympus – Rick Riordan

6. Tabula Rasa – Kristen Lippert-Martin

7. In Your Dreams – Kristan Higgins

8. The Perfect Neighbor – Nora Roberts*

9. What a Wallflower Wants – Maya Rodale

10. The Winning Hand – Nora Roberts*

Interestingly, I did not read a digital book this month. Not one. That is likely the only month in which that happened (I didn’t go back to look because I’ll be doing the recap in only two months and I’ll look at them all then.) I also reread 40% of the books this month.

Of the new books, the Maya Rodale was the conclusion to the series she wrote that was told concurrently as a contemporary and an historical. I loved it. Loved it. Definitely a contender for best series of the year. And Blood of Olympus was the conclusion to the Heroes of Olympus series, which itself was a follow up to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I liked how it ended, even though it felt a bit rushed to me. Which could be because I didn’t feel like the fourth (House of Hades, reread this month) did much to advance the story, so all the plotlines felt smushed in this story. But still, it was a good conclusion and an enjoyable book.

Honestly, that’s all there is worth talking about this month. Which means this will probably be the shortest recap of the year. Total on the year? 181 books. Many of my guessers are already out of the contest. If I had to guess, I’d give the win this year to Mark. We shall see. I’m on pace for 217 books this year.

See you in a few weeks!

Guess! Update

Thank you, everyone who entered a guess. It’s so much more fun to have many guesses.

I’m going to summarize the guesses here, from lowest to highest, to make it easier at the end of the year.

Camden – 22

Arionna – 29

JG – 30

KC – 100

DG – 106

Hadley – 120

JC – 120

JS – 130

Mike – 137

Lisa – 143

CH – 150

LC – 150

CF – 151

DR – 151

Mom – 159

JR – 160

RH – 160

WW – 160

Kelly – 161

Sara – 164

AE – 166

ML – 170

J3 – 172

Lane – 173

Me – 175

Brecken – 176

Hunter – 178

Victoria – 180

RL – 200

Mark – 203

LJ – 212

AT – 250

WL – 262

TP – 500

Christian – 2,500

JD – 5,000

Well, that is quite the spectrum, hmm? 22-5,000. I can pretty much guarantee that it will definitely fall within that range! All of the initials are Kelly’s second graders. Most of those are very good guesses, I will do my best. Thanks for playing and we shall see who the magic winner is at the end of the year.

January Books

Here we go! Our first edition of books for 2014. I’ve been intending to get this up for about, oh, 10 days now, but I’ve been busy nagging people into guessing. Last year, four people guessed. This year…..36! Granted, Kelly had her entire second grade class guess (at my request, after I met them and we talked about books and reading), but still, it is WAY more exciting to have a lot of guesses than a little.

Immediately following this post, I will summarize the guesses in a post, to make it easier at the end of the year.

I had a super slow start to January, I was super busy that month, so, believe me, no one was more surprised than me at how many  books I read. I actually didn’t read a book until January 8th. I know, completely crazy.

January: (15 books)

1. The Professional: Pt. 1 – Kresley Cole^

2. The Professional: Pt. 2 – Kresley Cole^

3. Blue By You – Rachel Gibson^

4. Foreplay: The Ivy Chronicles – Sophie Jordan^

5. Tangled – Emma Chase^

6. Waking Up Married – Mira Lyn Kelly^

7. Picnic – William Inge

8. Dark Desires After Dusk – Kresley Cole*

9. Kiss of a Demon King – Kresley Cole*

10. Tempest – Julie Cross

11. Burning Sky – Sherry Thomas^

12. The Professional: Pt. 3 – Kresley Cole^

13. Tangled Up In You – Rachel Gibson^

14. Vortex – Julie Cross

15. Timestorm – Julie Cross

A quick guide to my symbols. * Denotes a book that is a reread. The new symbol this year is ^, which denotes a book I read digitally. I noticed last year, after I got my iPad, that I am now reading considerably more digitally. I still VASTLY prefer reading a book, but sometimes, if I really want to read something, or if I’m on a wait list at the library, or if, as it has been, it’s just too freaking cold to go to the library, I will get it digitally. So I decided that would be interesting to know this year.

The Professional was an eBook, released as a three part series, only digitally, so I had no choice there, though I hear they are planning to release it as a book later this year. Kresley Cole is one of my favorite authors, I read her voraciously, so I was super excited to see her new book. IT.WAS.TERRIBLE. Easily a contender, already, for worst book of the year. And she is the author of 2013’s Best Book, Endless Knight. Go figure.

I actually reread two of her old books just to get the taste of that bad book out of my mind.

Other interesting things. Tangled, by Emma Chase, was chosen as a Goodread’s pick for best romance of 2013. So, obviously, I read it. One of the worst romances I have ever read. It made me wonder if these readers have EVER read a romance before. It is also a contender for worst book of the year. (Speaking of romances, Blue By You, and Waking Up Married were also pretty bad….a terrible month for romance books, for me).

But luckily, I read Foreplay, by Sophie Jordan. She’s a historical author I’ve always enjoyed, and this is her first foray into contemporary. I adored this book. It was fun and smart and sexy. I cannot wait for the next installment, to see if it was a one off, or if this will become a favored series. And I found it free for purchase, so that is why it was digital.

Picnic is a play. First play I’ve read since recording…didn’t read one last year. Not a big fan of reading plays actually, I get too distracted trying to visualize it in my head, instead of enjoying the story. But since this story was stupid….

Burning Sky is by one of my favorite historical romance authors. Sherry Thomas writes historical romance that is smart and fun and not tripe, which is hard for most historical authors. Then she took a turn and wrote this…an historical, supernatural, fantasy? It was interesting. Not great, but not terrible. I’d read the next one, but if she doesn’t knock it out of the park, I’ll assume that romance is her forté.

And that brings us to a new trilogy that I found completely by accident. It sounded unique, so I got it, Tempest. And it was awesome. Hard to follow at times, but once I stopped trying, I enjoyed the story so much I couldn’t wait to read the other two. Timestorm, the final installment, just came out in January. I really enjoyed all three. It did not go at all the way I expected off the first book and I liked that. Would recommend this to anyone who likes teen fiction, science fiction, romance, adventure, and time travel. It’s a pretty versatile trilogy.

Alrightythen, that was more in depth than usual, but I decided that if I’m going to do this, it might as well be useful as a sort of reader’s advisory. It was a weird month, January, 15 books in 23 days and most of them were terrible. Makes me wonder what the rest of the year will hold!

Total: 15 books, obviously. This is five ahead of last year’s January total. Currently on pace to read 180 books for the year.


Get your guesses in for 2014….how many books will I read in a year.

2013, I read 155 books.

Will I go over? Under? Who knows?

But I only had 3 people guess last year, I’d like more than that this year. Mom, Kelly, Sara…you were my three last year, don’t let me down this year.




Any of my 125 followers, even if I don’t know you, please get your guesses into the comment section. This year I’ve got a great idea for a prize for the winner.  Only two days left in January, then I’ll post the first month’s books, you have until then to get those guesses in.