Blog Crack

Do you like names?

I’m obsessed with names. I think I may have to have 8,432 children just so I can use all my favorites. Sometimes I go to baby naming websites just to poke around.

I think about them, I write them out, I imaging various combinations, just to get to the perfect name.

I actually have (careful, your OCD is showing) a list of top ten names by letter for boys and girls. Think about that. 10 names per letter for boys and girls. 26 letters x 2 genders= 52 letters total x top ten list = 520 names.

Scary obsessive. I also have a secret list of my super-duper-uber favorite names that I don’t tell anyone, in case they might steal them. A few I’ve thrown in when talking to my mom (who, thankfully, loves names as well) just to get her reactions, but without letter her know they’re the all-time faves list. A couple she liked, a couple she didn’t. One of those got bumped because of her response, the other is still there, waiting for its comeback.

I’ll talk names with anyone. If you’re a friend of mine, you know this. Mindy sat through HOURS when she was pregnant the first time and we did the 2nd as well, but it was harder because I wasn’t living here and these conversation are best had over large plates of dessert.

Elena and I, both single with no children, have talked names.

Justin and I have talked names. I actually know his all-time favorite name and he helped me develop one of mine, through what started as a joke. (Nope, not telling, its on the list).

My mom is by far my most friendly supporter. When my brother was preparing for my nephew, we had idea after idea. And we got Simon. Then my sister announced and mom and I were over the moon. But, turns out, my sister had almost zero interest in discussing names, which was the saddest part of her pregnancy, for me. And we got Arionna.

You’d think online would be a mecca for baby names, and it is, but I’ve found that my tolerance for strangers insistence that “my child’s name is the greatest” wears very thin. It’s not a competition!

One day, I found this site, which indulges two of my loves, baby names and making fun of the crazies on the internet. I’ll warn you right now, I found this site YEARS ago and I still visit it regularly. I’ve read every word of each of the fifteen sections, multiple times, and I find the humor each and every time. This site makes me howl with laughter. Literally. I have actually laughed until I cried, reading this. I’ve sent the link to pregnant friends countless times. It is one of the few websites I can’t help coming back to.

Then, through the miracle that is blog hopping, I found the site Swistle: Baby Names.  People evidently write in with a list of names and rules for names real children and then she gives advice and suggestions. It is also open to comments, so the crazies are welcome to participate. And then, once the children are born, she posts updates on what the name actually is.

It is crack for blogs.

I’ve gotten next to nothing done today. (Which evens out how busy I was yesterday I suppose, this way no one can accuse me of working too hard!) I found this blog early this morning and I have spent most of the day reading it. It is possible that I could salvage some of the day and do some real work–since it is only 2:15, but it’s not looking good.

Truthfully, I can’t get enough. I love to read what other’s are thinking and then judge them for thinking that way. It might just be my favorite hobby. It isn’t like this blog is particularly funny, but there is something about the plethora of names in one place, I can’t help it. Entry after entry after entry, I just keep reading. Even knowing I should stop, I can’t quit.

Then I get to an update and I have to know what they decided upon. I’m powerless to stop my fingers from clicking. If this is what crack addiction feels like, um, yeah. I’m going to stop that train of thought right there.

Meanwhile, if you love baby names, hop on over and talk with me. Somebody shoot me a top five list, at the very least. Ten if you really love me. Boys, girls, mixture, I don’t care.

Lists of names? I get chills. My tippy-top favorites nicely bundled together.

To keep you coming back for more, here are a few of my very favorite name sites on the ‘net.

Think Baby Names

Baby Name Wizard

Baby Name Genie



So, if you’re like me and you don’t think you can go for a week without pausing to consider a name, check out one of these sites. They aren’t the most common, but they’re definitely the most interesting.

(Wow, I’ve been writing this post so long I can’t even remember how it starts. I kept getting distracted by the links. I’m not going back. I’m hitting publish and then going to read the live version. Fingers crossed it makes sense from start to finish!)