Decadius Disseminatus

That’s Latin for “Ten Years of Blogging” (no, it’s really not, please don’t think that’s true, I totally made up the words of the sentiment. It’s not Latin for anything.)

But the gist is this: today, December 9, 2017, is the 10th anniversary of my life as a blogger. Ten YEARS I’ve been writing. On this very day an entire decade ago, I started out as a blogger. My friend Meg said, “You should write a blog” and so I did. Okay, there might have been more to it than that, I’m not that susceptible. I was going to repost my original blog, but, as it turns out, that site has shut down. Which means the first (just over) 500 blogs are lost forever. All that genius, gone in a wash of technology. (insert sad face smiley here)

I’d say it’s sad (see sad face smiley note), but I don’t know that it is (dammit! confused smiley). I don’t know if I need this to be permanent. The memories I’ll have either way but the granular details, I’m not sure we’re meant to carry those always. Maybe they are there just to color in the picture before it slowly leaches over time.

The point is, the stuff that matters we keep forever. but the rest of it, the stuff that seems so important in the moment? I don’t know that we’re supposed to keep it. I think part of life is letting go and moving forward. Hm, that is not a lesson I ever expected to learn through blogging, an exercise that by its very nature should show the opposite, but there you go.

This post, at the moment of publication is my 812th post. 812 times I’ve set out to tell you a story (at least here). My writing rate has slowed considerably. Five years ago, at the half decade mark, I wrote this post. In it, I told how it was my 1,000th post, 483 on this site and 517 on my first, now defunct site. If we include those 517 lost posts, then this is my 1,329th post.

(Remember my thing about numbers? This is a great place to demonstrate.)

I’ve technically written one thousand three hundred and twenty-nine posts (see? numbers are always more impressive if you write out the words.)

Over ten years, that is nearly 133 posts a year or a post every three days. Can you imagine? Every three days for a decade I wrote down my thoughts and published them on the internet for the world to read.

What was I thinking?

Just kidding, I like it. And I’m okay with it. I’m honored and touched and surprised that people actually do read it. People, that is, that are not my family or my friends. Since 219 people actually follow this blog and I’d guess less than 15 of them are the aforementioned friends and family, color me grateful and pleased.

What’s the point?

Well, there isn’t one, really. I just happened to stumble across my five year anniversary post only a couple weeks ago and it struck me, forcibly that I was dangerously close to this major anniversary. I knew then I had to take a moment and honor this date with a post, but as I thought about it in the days leading, I never found my story. Instead, today, without cleverness or guile, you get my thoughts. Just random scatters of notions sprinkled here for your enjoyment. Because I’m awesome like this, I’m going to link ten of my favorite posts.

Nope. Not favorite. Popular. I went to the site statistics and I found a list of all my posts ranked by number of views. So here we go, the Top 10 most popular posts on Livlife.

10.  Blog Crack

9. Buddy Coke

8. 35/35 (Kel, can you believe one of your birthday posts is in the TOP TEN? Of the 178 times that has been viewed, how many were you?…tell the truth!)

7. All About Me (Huh, that’s my intro page, which makes sense I suppose, but feels a bit like a cheat. But I did write it….)

6. Cheese and Macaroni

5. Christmas Letter

4. Magic Necklace

3. The Danger of Brushing Your Hair (in that post I am talking about something that happened 16,000 times and I spell out the words sixteen thousand and comment on how much more it seems. In 2011. Clearly I’ve believed this theory for quite some time).

2. Christian Kane Concert (this could well be MY favorite post I’ve ever written. Certainly it is to reread. I’m probably half of the page views (though I don’t think I count) and I’m both oddly pleased and disappointed it is number two)

1.  Purple Stripes – Never in a million years did I think this would be the most popular post on my site. Not sure what I thought WAS, but I wouldn’t have thought this, that’s for sure.

I’m adding one more: The Universe Wants Me to Listen to David Gray because I have always liked that post. And I think of it whenever a David Gray song comes on the radio or my iPhone. It’s number 33 overall which is still pretty high, so I’m including it as an honorable mention.

Ooops, make that two more. Wouldn’t Time Be Out To Charm You? This is another all time favorite of mine, the detailing of one of my life stories, a defining life story at that. I had to search for this one, only to find it is #73 on the list overall. But to me, this one would absolutely be top ten of my favorites, so I’m leaving it here as a second bonus.

What else can I say after ten years of being a blogger? Let’s see how long it lasts and where it goes, I guess. I certainly never thought I’d be writing a blog still after a decade.

Hm, how do you end these things? You’d think after doing this more than thirteen hundred times I’d have a foolproof system for getting out once the work is done (twss) but, unfortunately, I do not. Sometimes I’m pithy, sometimes it’s natural, sometimes I think I just stop typing.

This will be one of those times.


Happy NEW Year!

Welcome to 2016!

It’s hard for me to believe I let half a year go by without blogging. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, not to me. But I’m assuming the posts don’t lie. I still think about blogging all the time, I find that I still compose posts in my head, I think I just let it get out of control.

I was trying to blog about everything in my life and it started to become a challenge, and then I fell behind and it became more challenging, eventually I think it just became so overwhelming, it was actually easier NOT to post anything.

I don’t want it to be that way. I like blogging, I like writing down my thoughts and feelings for the future. I love recording the books I read and having a space to talk about that. No one reads the same things as I do, so I hardly ever have a chance to talk about them, so I like that this is a space for me to clarify my feelings.

What I don’t need is a place to write account logs of everything I do in my life. I take photos (and post them on IG, but that’s a whole other thing) and I don’t need this to be a living record of how I spend my time. Life’s too short for that. Memories are meant to be made, not recorded. I want to step back some from the personal and focus on the things that appeal to me.

That’s my goal for this year. Simplify. I know people do that, they choose a word to embody a goal. That’s not me, I don’t do resolutions and all that crap, but as I’ve pondered this new year, the past year, my life, I keep coming up with that. I started this past year at Christmas and it felt great. I have projects and plans for my home and I’m excited to start them. And now my blog. I want to get back on track and I want to simplify. Don’t expect me to write every day. Don’t expect long posts about birthday parties or weekend adventures. Don’t expect. Just read, if you like, appreciate if that’s your thing, or stop, if it isn’t working for you. I don’t do it for you, I do it for me.

And for me, this is about simplicity. Welcome 2016, it’s simply wonderful to meet you.


As of today, I now have 200 unique followers to this little blog of mine. Thank you, to all who choose to follow and read about my life and, well, my reading habits. I’m grateful to you for your support and your interest.

If you keep reading, I’ll keep blogging. Guaranteed.

Posts to Come

Oh Boy, I’m slacking lately. I know. I’ve been busy. Busy in life and busy at work. Blogging takes a backseat to real life. Who knew?

Here are the many things I am going to blog about soonish.

My birthday

Mother’s Day

Arionna’s birthday

Simon’s birthday

Emmy’s birthday

Zack’s birthday

(seriously, birthday season is exhausting)

Cam’s 3 month photos


date with Christian

Barclay St.

And, by the time I get around to finishing all those, I will probably add:

Grandma’s 95th bday

Sleepover with Kelly

Father’s Day

Camden’s baptism

hooky day(s)

Mom and Dad’s anniversary

Yeah, and that takes us through June. Not at all intimidating. Wish me luck and stick with me, I’ve got some good stuff coming up, I promise.

2012 Blog Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. There is little I like more than reading statistics {sarcasm} but stats about my blog are surprisingly fun and interesting. And it seems a good topic for my first post of 2013.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 5,700 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 10 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Most interesting things?

People in 85 different countries have visited my blog. Unbelievable  to me, that someone in Indonesia would want to read about my life, but, evidently it is so.

Also, that my most viewed post in 2012 was Purple Stripes, which I wrote more than two years ago and is a summary of my interior painting! If you ask me it is one of my least exciting posts, and yet….

I’m also pretty bowled over that almost 6,000 views in 2012. That’s a whole lot of people interested in my words. It feels pretty good, I have to admit.

So, to everyone who reads on a regular basis, to you brave souls who follow, and to the strangers who just pop by; my deepest thanks. I write for myself, but for you, I try to entertain. I must be doing okay or you wouldn’t keep coming back. Thankyouthankyouthankyou from the bottom of my heart.

Happy New Year!

Catching Up

I now have a to-do list for blogging. Scary. But I am going to forget the things I want to say if I don’t write them down, so I made a list. It’s a long list. I’m very behind at blogging. I wish I felt worse about that, but it’s an easy thing to let slide.

At any rate, as an idea of how busy I’ve been, last week, I took a week’s vacation from my day job in order to officially open the LEPL, and ended up working 42 hours. 42 hours with a week’s vacation. And I didn’t have a wedding. Awesome.

The good news is, LEPL is officially open for business. My thanks to those of you who stopped in last week to let my volunteers practice issuing cards and checking out books. I hope you were impressed with the library. It’s been a huge learning process for me to have a library open and ready for business. I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished and what our incredible volunteers have managed to do.

Aside from that, not too much new, due to the job situation, but I do have some forthcoming blogs that will catch you up on my summer.

Thanks for the patience.


My thoughts are like water. They pour out of my brain into the world. Some can be caught, but others flow over the edge to trickle away into oblivion.

My friend Liam calls me Oblivia. Which is apropos of nothing, but I rarely use that word and it made me think of him when I just typed it.

And that is a prime example.

I don’t know if it is the lack of sleep or the fact that my days have settled into a dull sort of tedium, but my focus is off. I have started four posts in the past couple days and can’t complete them. I try to write and the words pour out, overflow, drift away, scatter. There is nothing for me to hold on to.

I can write, but it feels forced, unnatural and without my usual pizzazz.

Perhaps my excessive focus in my daily life is causing me to lose out on other aspects. The other day I was just saying, “something’s gotta give”. And surely it does. Perhaps this is my give.

I will think on these posts. I will come back to them. I will finish them.

Just not yet.

For now, I am choosing to let them go. I will let my thoughts scatter, I won’t hang on so hard.

Even this post. At less than 250 words, it was a challenge to put down a cohesive structure. There’s no joie de vivre; no essence of Livlife.

I need a break.