My thoughts are like water. They pour out of my brain into the world. Some can be caught, but others flow over the edge to trickle away into oblivion.

My friend Liam calls me Oblivia. Which is apropos of nothing, but I rarely use that word and it made me think of him when I just typed it.

And that is a prime example.

I don’t know if it is the lack of sleep or the fact that my days have settled into a dull sort of tedium, but my focus is off. I have started four posts in the past couple days and can’t complete them. I try to write and the words pour out, overflow, drift away, scatter. There is nothing for me to hold on to.

I can write, but it feels forced, unnatural and without my usual pizzazz.

Perhaps my excessive focus in my daily life is causing me to lose out on other aspects. The other day I was just saying, “something’s gotta give”. And surely it does. Perhaps this is my give.

I will think on these posts. I will come back to them. I will finish them.

Just not yet.

For now, I am choosing to let them go. I will let my thoughts scatter, I won’t hang on so hard.

Even this post. At less than 250 words, it was a challenge to put down a cohesive structure. There’s no joie de vivre; no essence of Livlife.

I need a break.