Happy Halloween

I love this holiday. I love dressing up in goofy costumes and being silly and seeing people who express their creativity. Also, I love candy, so it’s pretty much a win-win.

Second only to Christmas, are the expanse of my Halloween decorations. Unfortuantely, this year, I was so busy working three jobs that I didn’t get around to putting up any of them. None. The only Halloween decor at my house are the two new things I bought because it was more work to put them away than put them out.

I even thought I wouldn’t do a costume, because they require preparation and I just didn’t have the time. I was fortunate Arionna is wearing the bee costume I made for Simon, so I didn’t have to make her a costume.

Then, two days ago, I was in my house and feeling quite sad. I went into my closet and pulled out all my costume stuff. I looked at everything and waited for inspiration to strike. It did, but not until the next day.

Suddenly, I knew what I could be and it would be easy!

Today, I was able to dress up with ease and happiness, knowing my Halloween tradition stands.

And what, I’m sure you’re wondering, did inspiration strike me with?

Here’s a photo:


Here’s a close up of my wig, just because I like it.


Now, the question is, what am I? I’m kind enough to give all of you the chance to guess. Go ahead, guess!

Fill the comments with your guesses, a prize to the winner, if there is one.

In other Halloween news; here’s a picture of my darling nephew, dressed in the same colors as me, but for an entirely different purpose.


And, is it just me, or does he look far older than his five years?

Happy Halloween!

Day After Day

photo (8)

Close up…
photo (7)

Later that night:
photo (9)



photo (10)

Close up…

photo (11)



Close up…


(please note after two full days of icing and elevating, it is STILL so swollen)



Oh yeah…at my desk.

Close up…


Out of focus, but you get the gist.


I broke my toe. Or jammed it. It’s impossible to tell. It hurts, it’s swollen, it bruised up very nicely, and I can’t wear shoes (only flip flops don’t hurt). Thank goodness it’s summer.

I caught the edge of a cabinet in my bathroom on Friday morning. I assumed I stubbed it. I cursed, no doubt about it, and I saw stars when it happened, it really hurt, but I figured I’d be fine. I shook it off.

Then, I went to work and about six hours later as it was still throbbing, I glanced down and saw that it was bright purple (see photos 1 and 2). That was when I realized I really hurt it. I’ve had it elevated as much as possible. I taped it for work on Saturday. I ice it all the time. Yet, four days later it is still extremely swollen and bruised and painful. Superfun.

Also, my plumbing backed up and sewage from the toilet is now in my bathtub. Awesome. I couldn’t do anything this weekend (except gag from the smell) so a plumber is coming today and my awesome dad will meet them and get it fixed.

And how was YOUR weekend?


My Arm Hurts


I never hurt after giving blood. I NEVER bruise after giving blood. In my life I don’t think I have ever bruised while giving blood.

Evidently, having your vein sucked into a needle, like clothing to a vacuum, leaves your arm looking like this:


And, for the record. It still hurts and is swollen. And, YES, I will give blood next time. Awesome.