Do Not Spoil My Joy

I’m doing this because Elena asked me to.

I wrote her a story, which I will not tell here, because it is long. To summarize, I used my innate powers to will a song to play on my iPhone. True story.

She said that my magic finally kicked in at 34. I’m all “cool”. (Because I’m very casual about magic).

Then I said that maybe Dean Winchester will come and try to kill me now. Dean Winchester, for those not in the know, is the main character on Supernatural, my favorite television show. He, along with his brother Sam, hunt supernatural beings that are evil and the kill them.

Elena said Dean would not try to kill me.

My response was:

I WANT Dean to try to kill me. It’d be all dramatic. And I’d outsmart him. But only for a minute, because he’s freaking smart, and then he’d come after me again, but then I’d convince him that I’m good and would never use my magic for evil. And he’d still want to kill me. But them Sam would show up and actually almost kill me. But Dean would SAVE me, because he knows I’m not evil. And they’d have a heart to heart about it, right there in my living room. I’d get to watch.

Dean would do the single tear. Sam would stand there, looking awkward, but then he’d turn on the puppy dog eyes and he and Dean would hug. Then they’d decide to let me live. THEN, they’d start calling me for help. Like if they can’f figure out a spell or they’re just stumped. They’d call me, because they know I’m good AND powerful and I’d be their new ally.

 It’ll be great. And SPN S9 will be all about them hunting with their magic friend Olivia.

 Do not spoil my joy.

And she laughed, and told me to write this on my blog to allow others to share the wonder and the crazy that is my brain. I figured “why not”.

Because, it’s not like anyone will dare make fun of me.

I’m magic.

I could kill you with my mind.

But then Dean would actually kill me. So that would be bad. Fine. I won’t hurt people. But that won’t stop me from giving you a flat tire and making you late for work and then getting a cracked windshield and then burning your dinner and then getting a zit on the day of the big presentation and then dropping a pencil and bending over to retreive it, only to have your pants split down the middle.

I will not hurt anyone, but I will be the biggest pest alive, if you’re mean to me.

So be nice.

And for Heaven’s sake, do not spoil my joy. I’m magic now.

How Supernatural Changes Lives

Surely, by now, you must know of my love for my favorite television show, Supernatural?

If not, you haven’t been paying attention. (I talked about it here and here and here and here to name only a few of the blogs in which I’ve mentioned my love for this show).

A question was posed: if you had to write about a psychological controversy, what would it be?


I thunk and thunk and thunk. We kicked around various ideas. They wanted something different, something new, something exciting. No run-of-the-mill abortion, death penalty, assisted suicide.

Finally, it hit me. Ghosts! Vampires! Angels! Demons!

Seriously? They asked.

Yes, of course. Do you believe? That would be my controversy. Do you know how timely, how relevant this is right now? There are probably ten shows on television about the supernatural.

Speaking of, I say, have you ever seen Supernatural? Of the four, only one had. He and I talked about it for a minute, whetted the whistles of the other three.

Suddenly, they had a vision. A plan. They knew what they would do for their class project.

Do supernatural creatures exist and the psychology of those who believe? They will each tackle a species of supernatural creature….AND DRESS UP AS SAID CREATURE FOR THE PRESENTATION.

I’ve never been so excited for a project. I never go, I never watch the fruits of their labor, but this one, I will want to see.

As they left the library, they high-fived me and said “thanks for the great idea.”

Wasn’t my idea, people, blame Dean Winchester.

Or the Impala. Or both.

Just another example of why watching television pays off. And you can learn something!