Cleaning Email

I was cleaning up my email this morning and I saw a folder marked “Arionna”. It seemed weird to me because I couldn’t imagine what I would have in that folder. Turns out, it’s a folder of email pictures from before I started using Flickr.

So there are such gems as:

S/W Ver: 9E.01.17R

That’s my darling niece, at one week old. Kind of takes your breath away, doesn’t it? Also, that is the onesie she was wearing during her newborn photos (including the one framed in my house) which must have been this day.

Today, just over four years later, she looks like this:


And she’s still my darling girl. I am so grateful for photographs, it’s amazing to be able to look back and remember.

Nice Try, But….

If you are in my email address book, you probably are well aware that my email was hacked. Twice. Yahoo Mail. I’ve been using YMail since 1997, when I got my first email account. I’m a sentimentalist, I like what I like. Plus, I don’t like GMail. I have an account with them, but I don’t care for it. I love Google in all its glory, but they don’t always get everything right.

That was for those of you who wonder why I don’t change.

So, my friends at Yahoo have been making changes in response to several recent security risks. Basically, people have been getting hacked so they are trying to fix it.

I applaud the sentiment, I really do, but maybe, just maybe, we should stop and think for a moment before enacting new policies that affect millions of people.

If you’ve ever gotten a hacked email, they are almost always a link and nothing else. (And no, Aunt Nancy, I did not send you a link to a diet, with no words, to order you to lose weight…..)

So the response now is that an account holder cannot send a link in an email without text.

Um, what?

Are you kidding me? This is a TERRIBLE solution. Do you have any idea how many links I send via email? Think back, I bet I sent one to you, if I regularly email you. I save every single recipe I find online to my email, BY THE LINK. I probably email Elena links to things 5-6 times a DAY. Not to mention the stuff I email to myself. Things I’d like to read when I have more time, or remember or save for future reference or because I want to send it to someone else….you name it. I have an entire file of links for various purposes.

Now, when I try, it tells me it won’t send just the link and I have to add text to the message. It literally will not even send. How annoying?

So now I have to put some text in there. I did figure out I can just type one letter and it will send, but still, this is unbelievably counterproductive.

Yahoo Mail….I applaud the attempt, but, this solution sucks.

Another First

People seem obsessed with “firsts” when children are little. I get it, it’s exciting the first time something happens (mostly). But the thing is, I’m on the cusp of being 35 years old and I still experience many firsts. I just had another one today.

As you may know, my part time job is subbing for a county system. There are a dozen or so of us subs. Recently they just hired a couple more, one of whom happens to be named Olivia. Recently, I got an email of thanks from a branch manager for something I did while staffing that branch. Except, I did not staff that branch on that day and did not do the thing for which I was thanked. It was odd. I forwarded it along to the correct Olivia and copied my supervisor so they would be aware of the snafu.

Today, I received an email from my boss, copying the branch manager where I am working on Saturday. The email said this:

Saturday has been partially filled at NTN and Ruth thinks they’ll be OK – thanks Olivia M!

And just like that, I had another first. First time (in my recollection) that I was called by my first name and last initial. I understand this is common practice for elementary schools, where classrooms often have students with the same first name. Growing up as an Olivia in the 80s, all my friends were named Jennifer and Katie, this was NOT something I had encountered.

But, here I am, a professional, an adult, and suddenly I’ve lived this first. I have to say, I don’t really care for it. I think I should just be Olivia and this new girl should be Olivia 2. After all I came first (both in the job and in life), but it was nice to experience it, even if slightly out of traditional context.


Olivia M. (see, you thought it was weird, too!)

Cameron Frye, This One’s For You

We interrupt our regularly scheduled not-blogging to bring you this funny story.

I need to start with this. I’ve been in a bad mood all week. Work stuff. Don’t want to talk about it. However, a series of emails with a friend (who has requested to remain nameless) culminated in the story I am about to tell you. This whole thing is so funny to me it completely turned my mood around. This is why you have friends. For this very situation.

So, this friend has been emailing me, just chatting, and she wanted me to relax, so she invited me on an outing, this Friday night. She is going to Movies in the Park with some friends. On Friday they are showing the classic, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and this is truly an awesome movie. However, it’s like 55° outside and raining, and not supposed to be much better tomorrow, so I’m not really feeling like it is the season for this yet. But, more importantly, I have plans with Elena. Thus, I had to decline.

But, being me, I can’t just say no like a normal person. Instead, I wrote this.

“That sounds like fun. Truly. However, I think I will wait until, you know, SUMMER actually arrives before I do something like that. And I actually do have plans. I’m riding a float through downtown Chicago, singing Danke Schoen, so I’m pretty booked.”

*I* thought that it was super obvious that I was kidding.

She, however responded like this.

“Seriously? A float in Chicago? Have a blast with Elena.”


I laughed and laughed and laughed. Literally out loud, until I had tears in my eyes. I had several students ask me what is so funny and I told them and they all cracked up. (She doesn’t know that part, but they really did think it was funny).

Finally, I had to email her back and ask if she’s even seen the movie. She has, five times, according to her, but I think it just caught her in a weird moment and didn’t connect.

Totally happens. I feel like it happens to me all the time. But, in this case, I’m still smiling over it an hour later. And this friend reports that she is embarrassed to have missed the reference. She actually didn’t want me to blog this, which is why she is nameless. However, this story warms my heart and I want to remember it so I had to post it up here.

Please, friends, tell her in the comments that this is nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s a very funny story. And my quirky humor is probably to blame.


Here’s something that I’m struggling with.

Today was a big day for me. A momentous occasion, to be sure. I quit what I have reasonably been referring to as my “dream job”. That’s a big deal.

I sent out a formal resignation letter. Only person on the list of people who received it were aware it was happening. And there was minimal to no response.

At all.

No, “What?!?” “You’re quitting?!?” “What happened?”

No response.

Just radio silence.

It’s disconcerting. It makes me wonder if I made an impact. Perhaps this was a sigh of relief for the parties involved, but, even so, doesn’t it warrant a response of any kind? Even, “thank God you quit”. Which would be mean, but at least it would acknowledge that something changed.

It’s been bugging me all day. More than eight hours have passed since I sent the resignation. I believed I would hear something, from someone, at some point.

I did not.

So I learned something. Impact is very personal. That is something I’ve always struggled with. Because it feels like a big deal to ME, I have an expectation that others will treat it as a big deal. That is not always the case.

Evidently I can deliver earth shattering (to me) news and it doesn’t even ripple the sails of the other boats in the pond.

Lesson learned.