It’s Not Funny

At least, not to me.

Once upon a time, I wrote a post on YouTube videos, explaining my reaction to anything people mention as “funny” or “hilarious”. I’ve never, not once, seen one of these videos and found them even mildly amusing, much less actually funny or hilarious. The thing is, it isn’t limited to YouTube. It’s basically any crap on the internet. Point of fact, though, if people weren’t so lazy and wasteful with their words, and simply said, “this video is slightly entertaining if you are looking to waste one minute of your life” then I’d probably be a lot more forgiving. But if you describe something as hilarious, then I am actually audacious enough to expect hilarity. And therein lies the problem.

I simply do not find it funny.

That is not to say that I don’t have a sense of humor or that I don’t find things funny, I do, all the time, just not typically the things that you find funny. For instance, I was reading a book the other night. I was laughing out loud (literally) when Elena called. I was actually gasping with laughter when I answered the phone. When she came over about 20 minutes later, I was still reading that book and laughing at different parts.

Now, I could probably print, word for word what I read in the book, and I bet 99.5% of you wouldn’t so much as smile. And that’s okay.

Actually, let me repeat that.

That’s okay.

I’m fine with the fact that I find it funny and you don’t. The problem is that you aren’t fine with the reverse. You get offended when I don’t think your thing is funny. You try harder if I don’t think your thing is funny. You SEND ME MORE STUFF if I don’t think your thing is funny. I don’t get it. Why do you care? Do you get paid by the convert? The chuckle? The snicker or guffaw? Or is it only outright belly laughs? No, that’s not how the internet works. You get paid if I like it enough and am idiotic enough to forward it to every person in my address book, amiright? (And no, the irony of me mocking internet memes and then posting one to my blog is not lost on me. But I find irony funny.)

Not everyone thinks or feels or reacts the same way. That’s actually pretty awesome. Isn’t it? I sure think so, but for some reason people are flabbergasted when others don’t agree with their personal brand of humor.

Wanna know a secret? I don’t think Seinfeld is funny either. (Drives the men in my family crazy, that one….)

So, on to the point. A student that I like came in to visit me. Just to say hi. He’s a bit of a negative Nelly. But he’s a nice guy and I call him out on his crap. He was complaining about not getting taught well enough in a class. I just shrugged and said that he looks at it wrong, it’s not up to the teacher to teach him, it’s up to HIM to LEARN. The thing about this kid, the reason I like him is because A) he’s very sarcastic and I do find just a titch humorous¬†and B) when I say stuff like that to him, he seems to think about it.

Scrambling to change the subject after I called him out, he said “do you watch Maddox?” I don’t know who that is. And I admitted it. He got all excited telling me about this amazingly funny guy….on the internet.

I cut him off and said, right up front, “I’m not going to find this funny. I’m warning you, I have never found anything funny on the internet.” (Okay that may be a slight exaggeration, but the essence is valid). He replied, as so many do, “No, you don’t understand, everything is crap, but THIS, THIS is the funniest thing you will ever read.”

I tried to explain to him that people always say that, no matter what it is, but I know myself and I know my own mind and I simply have never found comedic internet sensations funny. Never. Not once. He insisted, until I gave in, offering to look, but cautioning, very plainly, “don’t get your feelings hurt if I don’t find this funny.”

Here is the link to the thing he wanted me to read. Just because, somewhere out there must be the actual people who find things like this funny.

I read it. Every word. Twice. I didn’t even smile. I wasn’t even amused. It simply is not funny to me. It’s a bit whiny. Very annoying. Incredibly stupid and actually offensive in parts.

To his credit, after watching me struggle to diplomatically tell him I thought it was stupid, this kid looked at me and said in a very dry tone, “whatever, you’re clearly choking back laughter.” And I smiled.

Then replied, “actually, after you leave I plan to spew laughter from my very pores, probably until I pass out. Come back and check on me in 5, ‘kay?”

And he laughed. Then he said, “I hate your mockery out loud.”

And I laughed. Because that was funny.

But then, I didn’t read it on the internet. You did.


I just stumbled across this online.

It made me laugh because, well, I tend to wander through the world believing those words like gospel. And then it occurred to me…


Been there, done that.

I guess mine should say.

Funny Flirting Ecard: Been backstage. Met my husband. Now what?

Yeah, that’s a little more realistic. (not that there is any actual room for realism in this fantasy of mine, but here on the blog, I like to keep it real.)


On The Fence

Here’s the thing. I love You Tube.

I love that it contains a video link to nearly every song ever made, so if I don’t know a song, I can look it up and hear it immediately.

I love that it is a repository for amateur celeb-stalking videos (you know, the ones with the millions of photos of a celeb, set to music?)

I love that it is a place where people post concert footage. There are certain concerts I’d love to see, but for mostly monetary reason, it ain’t happening. You Tube solves that.

I love that I can find clips of things to prove a point or to show someone the ahead-of-its-time hipness that was Punky Brewster.

I love that there is so much awesomeness abounding on You Tube, it is hard NOT to find something to love.

Here’s the thing. I hate You Tube.

I hate that amateurs butcher songs I love and put them on You Tube.

I hate that for every gem, you must wade through a slew of garbage.

I hate that there are such things as “You Tube sensations” in this world.

I hate that everyone thinks their kid is going to BE a You Tube sensation.

I hate that people send You Tube videos to other people, thinking they are funny.

I hate that I never think You Tube videos are funny.

Make up your mind, right?

It’s crazy, I know. I have this very strong love/hate relationship with You Tube. I like what I like, and I really have no interest in the rest.

Why the sudden rant about You Tube?


She recently sent me two links to You Tube videos. My initial reaction was, “Ugh, seriously?” Mostly because the videos in question were both marked, “hilarious”. I rarely, if ever, find things hilarious, if other people do so. I think things are hilarious quite frequently, but no one else ever does. So, I was immediately resistant.

Which is unfair, for a number of reasons:

1. Elena has not, to my recollection, ever before sent me any You Tube videos, so I ought to be more generous.

2. Elena has not EVER sent me crap.

3. Elena and I share a similar sense of humor that most of the world does not understand.

4. I love Elena and she always sends me interesting things.

5. I made these judgments before watching the videos.

So, I told myself to quit being a baby and just watch them. I did. Results?

I hated them both. The first one I just didn’t think was funny. The second? Well, it’s pretty simple. You don’t mess with Top Gun.

So, then I feel bad that I didn’t like her videos. And then I thought, what if I write this blog and she thinks she can’t send me stuff anymore? But then I realized who I am talking about. Elena is not thin-skinned (she would disagree with that statement) and she knows me. She’ll understand that she should and WILL keep sending me things (though not necessarily You Tube videos) especially if they tickle her fancy. Most of them will tickle mine as well.

For some reason, some incomprehensible reason, it just doesn’t work for me with You Tube. Sigh. I’m a complex woman.