Friends, Librarians, and Knitting

On Friday night, I was lucky to attend a dinner hosted by friend good friend Jan and her partner, Marie. They were gracious enough to invite me and our friend, Lisa, into their home and to cook dinner for us.

Jan and Lisa and I have been buddies since I first started working at Hennepin County. The three of us used to laugh and giggle and cause as much trouble as possible when we worked the desk. And if we weren’t working together, we were IMing each other and giggling at our respective desks.

Jan is actually directly responsible for the one and only time I lost control at work. She told me a story that was so over-the-top funny I started laughing hysterically. Hysterically is the only word that could possibly describe my laughter. Then, Jan laughed at my laughter and I laughed harder and it was a vicious circle. Our boss at that time, was the amazing Kelli, who was alerted to the mania from her office (she could hear us howling) and came out. She took one look at us, sitting in front of the door, the face of the library, doubled over in laughter, tears streaming down my face, and she said, “I am not seeing this” and went into her office and ignored us. Awesome boss.

I actually had to leave the desk and go into the back to get myself under control. J3 is a funny, funny, lady. I almost feel bad sharing that little anecdote because I am not going to tell the story that caused the fit of laughter. Sorry, but it is really not fit for public consumption. Even though we were in public¬†when she told it to me, but, whatever. You’ll have to just trust my word that it is a funny story.

Lisa is just one of those people that when you meet her, you can’t help but like her. Smart, funny, and a mentor to me when I was a lowly, new, librarian. She is the incredible children’s librarian at my former library and, honestly, I always wished I had her job.

These girls don’t work together anymore (different branches), and I am somewhere else entirely. Yet, through all this change, we’ve all stayed friends. I don’t see them as often as I’d like, but when we get together, it is always laughter and fun and good times.

This was no different. Jan made this amazing dinner (even the broccoli was good, J3) and swears up and down that I could even make it. We shall see. I will try. But for sure, I will be making the cabbage salad, I think I ate three helpings of it, it was so delicious and crisp and refreshing.

After dinner, we all retired to the living room. Jan was finishing the clean up and Marie and Lisa and I were chatting. Suddenly, Marie pulled out her knitting and started to knit. While I realize in my brain that people do this, it seemed so strange to me. Like it was an “activity” that needed to be planned out and here is Marie, just doing it in front of company. Ok, I’m certain I am not explaining this well–nothing wrong with her knitting–just that there is no way *I* could ever do that, so it struck me as strange.

I asked what she was making, it was so tiny, and she said it was a wristlet. I had no idea what that was. Lisa got all excited because it turns out she’s been looking for one. When Jan rejoined us, she immediately picked up her knitting and continued her project. I simply had to get a picture:

Yep, that’s Marie (on the left) and Jan, knitting on the couch.

I regret I didn’t get a picture of Lisa…we should have. I DO have a video of Lisa, but I’m saving that for future blackmail! All I will say about that is…C-O-N-N-E-C-T-I-C-U-T!

What’s funny about the knitting is (and if you, like me, didn’t know what a wristlet is, it is exactly like a leg warmer, but for the wrist and hands, but cut for them, with a hole for the thumb) that I was joking that someone should make ME a pair, and before you know it, Jan was offering!

She is making Lisa a pair, L got to pick the color. Then Jan asked if I wanted a set and I confirmed. She said, “purple, right?” I love her. So, at some point, I will be get a beautiful pair of purple, wool, wristlets, custom made for me.

Strangely, the next day, I visited my mother and told her this story. She popped up, out of her chair, rushed to where she keeps her knitting and showed me the wristlet she is working on! If she had shown me a few days earlier, I wouldn’t have looked ignorant…but still. It is kind of cool.

Mom wants the recipe (dammit, that is not the right word–mind is blank) for the ones Jan and Marie are making, so she can try a new way. I’ve emailed Jan to ask for it.

It’s so funny how things work out. And, after that dinner, we’ve got a tentative plan to go to Lisa’s the next time for take-out Indian food. Yay!

Thanks for a wonderful evening, girls!