Autumn’s Bounty

This weekend I worked my second job, and did an art program for kids. It was only okay, this program, but the part I loved was where we took digital cameras outside and photographed the colors of fall. The point was to get close up and capture texture, but I just sort of went camera-happy and clicked away. At one point, I bumped a button on my camera and it changed some setting and starting taking all these arty photos, I tried to fix it, ended up taking more, and eventually just shut the whole thing off and turned it back on, that worked. I need to figure out all this camera does….eventually. But, as it turned out, I liked several of the arty pictures.

So, enjoy, this is nothing but photos of the gorgeous colors of fall.











Now here’s where the weird arty pictures started occurring. At first I didn’t notice….

But then I did….




I mean, they are cool pictures, but they do not look that way in real life, so I fixed it and then, here is that last picture without the weird editing.







And this photo was taken after work as I drove down my parent’s street, on my way to visit.


It was a really fun way to kill a Saturday afternoon (and get paid!) and aside from the arty ones, none of these photos are edited in any way, they are all just that gorgeous. Usually when I take pictures, I try to take in the whole scene, but learning to get close up and see things by texture, that was a cool new experience.

Want to talk about texture? You can practically feel it in this final picture, my favorite of the day.


Drop by the comments and tell me which was your favorite. Happy fall!

Signs of Fall

Fall is officially here. ¬†Friday was its very first day. The weather is certainly reflective of this change. I’ve noticed, as I move through my world, that the scenery is just beginning.

Right outside my bedroom window is a tree. It is the only tree in my front “yard”. There is one tiny little section of this tree that is changing, and I can see it clear as day from my bedroom.

Isn’t that funny? Just the one part, then the rest of the tree is still vibrantly green.

Likewise, the trees that line the boulevard in front of where I work. They are all these beautiful green-leafed trees, except for two. There are probably 20 of them in total, and two of them, only two, are completely changed.

I very much enjoy the contrast of the bright red with all that green. It’s visually stimulating.

Those red trees just blow me away. What can be more beautiful?

I find it fascinating that suddenly, this year, I’m noticing the beginning of the change. Perhaps it is more pronounced this year than in years past, but I think it is me. I’m just paying more attention and silently noticing the beautiful show that Mother Nature provides.

Like the bush that separates my house from my neighbor Donna. It is changing in slowly, creeping patterns. At the moment, it is precisely halfway finished.

When I was standing in my driveway to take that picture, I happened to turn my head and glance out across the street, toward the path that leads to the clubhouse.


And, again, there were pockets of change amid all that gorgeous green.

I can’t wait for another couple weeks…when it will be vibrantly displayed and I can go leaf peeping. Happy Fall!