After posting that last one, WordPress was kind enough to tell me it was my 399th post. Which means…this is 400!

Congrats to us all.

I hit just over 500 at my last site, Mindsay, which means I’ve written nearly 1,000 blog posts in my life. That’s incredible to me.

I’m also surprised that I am that high on this site. It seems like just yesterday that I started this blog. As a matter of fact, let me check.

I did my first post on Mindsay on December 9, 2007 and hit my 400th post on March 24, 2010. That is 837 days to get to 400 posts. That seems like a long time, right? 2 years, 3 months and 16 days.

By comparison, I did my first post on WordPress on August, 15,2010 and am doing my 400th…well, now. This is it, people. Pay attention! That means it only took me 635 days to reach that milestone for a second time. Or, 1 year, 8 months, 26 days. That’s considerably less. I blog so much faster now! Or else I’ve got more to talk about, who knows!

The cool thing I think is that I am officially 917 total posts into this blogging thing and it has been 1,615 days I’ve been a blogger. Or 4 years, 5 months, 2 days. My five year anniversary is this year. I will also hit 1,000 total posts and 500 WP posts this year. That’s pretty cool and a pretty impressive record for blogging, if you ask me. And I’m just the girl who started this because a librarian friend told her to. I never intended to be a blogger. But, today, right now, I’m sure glad I am.

Thanks for reading!

State Fair Recap

First off, apologies for the major delay. I’ve just been so freakin’ busy lately. Ask my friends, they keep calling asking how come they haven’t seen me. But its all of them asking. Just busy. Tired.

On to the story. As is tradition, my family went on Opening Day to the MN State Fair. Opening Day is also Thrifty Thursday and Seniors Day. It makes for interesting people watching. Families and old people, that’s who goes on the first day. I LOVE going on the first day. It means that we’re among the first to do everything. We get to tell the first stories. (Well, we do when we’re prompt about it!) The fair is nice and clean, the workers are still having fun and excited to be there, there is anticipation in the air.

This year, it was my parents, myself, my sister and her husband. Babycakes stayed with her other grandma. We got in and wandered around. I don’t remember what time we were there, but the Miracle of Birth barn wasn’t even open yet. We did a couple animal barns and just sort of wandered. It was a bit odd, because we typically have traditions and follow the same general path. Without conscious decision, this sort of became the year to do new things.

I had a footlong hotdog for breakfast, as a throwback nod to my deceased grandfather who used to have that for 6am breakfast every year at the fair. We toured the Grandstand, which we don’t normally do.

My mom and I went up in the Space Tower, which was fun. 300 feet in the air, if I remember. We also got to ride on the top level with the mom and her screaming child who was afraid it was too high. She evidently thought a tiny enclosed space was the place to teach him a lesson. She was wrong. Thank goodness it is only $3 per ride.

My mom, sister and myself went inside the “Snake Hut” which was something we’ve never seen before. It cost $1.50 per person. Not even worth it. A few sad little animals curled in the corner of dark, little boxes.

We tried different foods and walked a different route. I think we saw most everything, but we did skip the Creative Arts building, which is a particular favorite of my dad. I did get my corn-on-the-cob, but did NOT have my all you can drink milk, which marks the first time in my memory. I also forwent the giant slide, which still kind of saddens me. I love that darn thing. But I went three times last year, so it all kind of evens out.

We ran into my BILs aunt and uncle, seems a year hardly goes by when we don’t run into someone I know. My cousin, Emerson, is shockingly old enough to have a job and was working at the Deep Fried Pickle booth with my other cousin Jake. We stopped to say hello to them.  I did not visit Mary Sue at the Fried Green Tomato booth.

Last year we started a tradition of playing Midway games to win a prize. Last year it was to get a stuffed animal to mark the upcoming birth of babycakes. This year is was to get a stuffed animal to mark my new house. We suck at those games. We spent too much time and money to get a giant stuffed pig, which I wanted. We used our last tickets to play a game that promised a prize no matter what. Total suck out, I know, but I wasn’t spending more money. My BIL won me a little stuffed puppy I call Shadow. Ask when you visit my new house, Shadow will be guarding the door, I’ll show him off.

We were out there for like 12 hours, but we just meandered and took in the sights, stopping whenever we wanted. Much better than last year’s frenetic pace.  I had such a good time this year, it was quite a bit different than how it usually goes, but somehow, that’s what made it so nice. Well, that and the weather. 72 degrees, sunny and a slight breeze is about as perfect as a day gets.

Best part? My cell phone didn’t break! (read the link above…) Okay, really, the best part was probably the free book. The day before we went to the fair, someone came into my library and, while I was out, placed a stack of Harlequin romance novels on a table with a sign that said, “Free, take one.” It was so odd. Who just leaves a stack of books for people to take? And if you do, don’t you ask if it’s okay? Don’t you let the librarian know? No one told me anything or knew anything at all about it that I was able to find. I just shrugged it off as one of those weird things and took one of the books home. (Not really what I read, but once in a while…plus, do you know how much I like free stuff? The only thing better than free stuff is free books. Trust me). So then, I am walking through the crowds at the fair when I kick something. I looked down and-lo and behold-it’s a book! I dead stopped in the sea of people and was just staring at this book. It was the exact same book that I had gotten the day before at work. Two consecutive days, free copies of this same book were floating about, in two different places, different cities. I actually hollered at my mom to point it out, because I had already told her about the mystery of the free books in my library.

Now, while I’m standing there like an idiot, staring at this book, a middle-aged fella comes past me, sees me and says, “oh, is that your book?” and then bends over to pick it up for me! I was boggled by this. People just aren’t this polite. And in a crowd–certainly not. The crowd mentality gets ’em every time and people become selfish and rude. But this guy was being polite and he really picked up the book. I said, “no, thanks, it isn’t mine”, because what do I need it for? I have the same book at home. The guy then shrugs, drops the book back on the ground and keeps moving. I then picked it up and tossed it in the trash, because, well, really?

I found out later that Harlequin was giving out these free copies and had a booth at the fair, complete with scantily-clad, handsome, buff, young men giving them away. I was disappointed to have missed the booth. I’m a huge fan of the scantily-clad male, who isn’t? Apparently, Harlequin is in the middle of this big marketing push, but enough about that. It was this bizarrely strange coincidence that seems to happen to me all of the time. Synchronicity.

Gee, do you think that’s enough links to my previous blog? Switching is so disappointing.

See this post if you haven’t already viewed my fair pictures.  That was a weird recap. Just sayin’.