There’s a Name for That!

I wonder if there is-there must be, if there isn’t, I might have to create one-a dictionary of terms to explain an action or idea. For instance, someone who loves books? Bibliophile.

Someone who loves music? Audiophile.

There are tons of words like that. When I read one, I usually get a bit giddy. It’s exciting to learn words that are never commonly used, but very useful once you know them.

At least to me.

This morning, I was catching up with blogs. I was perusing one of my new favorite baby names sites (yes, I know it’s an obsession, bear with me) when they gave me a link for more information. I followed the link and learned that the author of the article considers herself obsessed with baby names. And she has no children, like me! But, moreover, she said that she is anĀ onomatomaniac, or a person who loves baby names.

I never knew there was a name for that (pun intended).